How to Improve Your Sights Domain Authority Through Backlinks

How to Improve Your Sights Domain Authority Through Backlinks

February 12, 2020 0 By admin

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric created by Moz and used to determine the authority of a website. Higher domain authority entails that there are greater chances for your website to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPS). Thus, getting more traffic. 

Other companies have similar metrics but the system created by Moz is most often used in ranking domains. Different factors are used to give the domain a rating which ranges from 0 to 100. 

The DA of a website is not the same as the ranking score given by Google which actually influences your rankings. Moz and other companies are trying to simulate the Google ranking algorithm by making use of known parameters that could affect your rankings and gives scores as an estimation of how well you fare compared to the Google rankings. 

Ways of increasing Domain Authority

Now that we know what DA is and how it can be used as an indictor of how well your website ranks. The next logical step would be to determine how you could increase your ranking. 

 Some of the multiple ways that we can increase your website’s DA is through increasing the quality and relevance of your website’s content, your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance in general and increasing the number of links pointing to your website, and many more. Since web traffic is also one of the factors used in determining your DA, you might also want to consider using automated lead generation software such as LinkedIn Automation which handles the process of finding possible customers for you as well as acting as a way to handle conversations with multiple individuals en masse. 

Today, we will be looking at utilizing backlinks to improve your DA. 

 What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they act as a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. 

In other words, it acts as a signal to search engines that this website vouches for your content. Search engines then infer that your content is worth linking to, thus also worth giving a higher ranking on a SERP. Basically, backlinks increase your website’s DA overall.

Backlinks also have different levels of value. An example would be followed backlinks coming from popular, high-authority websites are considered more valuable rather than backlinks coming from potentially spammy sites. Even mentions from high-quality websites can give your website a boost in DA. 

Thankfully, there are multiple ways for you to increase the quality and quantity of backlinks going towards your website. Creating better content is one of the most recommended ways of handling this. Content that solves a particular problem or provides value to the people that view them will most likely be linked by other webpages towards it. It’s almost a surefire way to create backlinks to your website and the best part is that you don’t even have to ask other websites to provide backlinks for you, they do it because your content is that great. 

Another way is trying out guest blogging. In other words, you write a post for other people’s blogs. In exchange for a free article, that website will usually offer one to two links going back to your websites. 

Overall, backlinks are a strategy that every website should consider in increasing their domain authority and their website’s overall growth.