Apple may launch a new Apple TV with A12 processor soon


Along with the iPhone 11 lineup, it’s starting to sound like Apple’s upcoming September 10 “by innovation only” event will be pretty busy. So much so that we may actually get a new Apple TV, too.

Twitter user Longhorn (@never_released) posted on the social network evidence that Apple is working on a new Apple TV with an identifier of “AppleTV11,1” and a codename of J305. The tweet also says that the new Apple TV will be powered by an A12 processor.

The current Apple TV 4K uses the A10X, which launched way back in 2017. While that’s a sturdy processor and can handle the job for the most part, with the upcoming Apple Arcade service on the way –and a bigger focus on gaming– an upgrade to the faster processor certainly makes sense.

However, MacRumors was able to confirm that both details do line up in code present within iOS 13. While the information is there, it does not necessarily mean that Apple is planning on launching a new Apple TV right away. Though, it’s certainly possible we see a new set-top box next week.

That’s not all, though!

The report from MacRumors also includes a tweet from user CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) which states, “but there’s one more thing” as quoted from Steve Jobs. That would not normally mean anything, but CoinX has successfully leaked future products in the past, including revealing the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max before Apple announced them.

Still, there’s not a lot to the tweet itself, but it does offer some hope that we could have a surprise next week.

If there is a surprise, what do you think Apple could announce?

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