Top 10 Best English Grammar Apps for Android

Top 10 Best English Grammar Apps for Android

If you have bad grammar, you may survive various situations, but it may embarrass you at times. When you are using a social media site, it doesn’t matter if you spell a word wrong or make grammar mistakes. However, if you are running an online business and make grammatical errors, your business might be at risk. What you can do is improve your grammar to avoid such situations and run your business confidently.

Windows users are lucky in this regard as it offers plenty of grammar tools. You will find so many grammar courses available on the internet that may support you in increasing your grammatical skills. Now Android smartphones have already replaced desktop computers, and we have brought some best English grammar apps for android users in our article.

List of Top 10 Best English Grammar Apps for Android

Our experts have compiled a list of the best English grammar apps for Android to teach you English Grammar lessons. You will find hundreds of such apps, but we have shortlisted these names based on our observations and overall ratings. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Basic English Grammar


Basic English Grammar


If you want to learn English grammar online without losing your pocket, Basic English Grammar is there to upgrade your grammatical skills. This app is best for newcomers as it solely focuses on the basics. It arrives with more than 230 grammar lessons, 480+ test lessons to increase your learning of English. The application is effortless and easy to use; however, some ads may disrupt your experience using the free version.

2. English Grammar Test


English Grammar Test


English Grammar Test is an application to test your English and provide you lessons to improve your grammatical skills. What makes this app different is its broad range of tests, which are 1200 in total and help you enhance your grammar skills. To encourage you more about learning, you access your scores and progress and develop a sense of competition.

3. The English Grammar In Use


The English Grammar In Use


The English Grammar In Use is inspired by the best-selling book called ‘English Grammar In Use,’ which has earned a lot of fame and success. You will get everything that you expect from a learning app to increase your grammatical skills. This app focuses on over 145 grammar points which play a vital role in learning English linguistics and grammar. We recommend this app because of its useful lessons and remarkable way to teach you things.

4. Grammarly




Though it not a full-fledged grammar app, it’s a keyboard that brings some unique features. This tool requires an active internet connection and then automatically corrects all grammatical mistakes in any text that you write using this keyboard. You will also get an intelligent spell checker which is permanently active and underlines your wrong spellings. It also highlights the grammatical mistakes and provides you a range of synonyms.

5. Udemy




We have placed Udemy in the list of best English grammar apps but is overall learning and provides you with different stuff. It offers a range of courses such as cooking, tech, SEO, language, Internet Marketing, Learn English, Improve Grammar, and much more. Using this app, you first need to determine the most appropriate grammar course and start learning.  To provide you better learning atmosphere, the classes often appear with instructional videos which experts prepare.

6. Khan Academy


Khan Academy


Khan Academy is similar to the name mentioned above, and it’s a place to learn new and different things. This app brings learning courses for everyone, even if you student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, or adult ready to learn more. If we use it to learn English Grammar, it offers many interactive activities, videos, and articles to help you sharpen your grammatical skills. You can learn new things in a very short time, and it is the best app for people looking to gain more from learning apps.

7. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation


Oxford Grammar and Punctuation


You can get an idea from its name that Oxford Grammar and Punctuation are the most credible source for learning English grammar. It’s a platform that defines more than 250 grammar and punctuation rules which you can’t get anywhere. This app is undoubtedly superior to all other grammar apps for Android and provides you a better understanding of English grammar. The Oxford Grammar and Punctuation app offer a range of grammar examples, extra lessons to make you a pro. They have embedded a tap to translate feature in the latest addition that adds a floating button on the screen. Using this floating button, you can translate any word into a different language without any hassle.

8. English Grammar Book by Talk English



It is another app that you can download via the Google Play Store and is specially designed to facilitate newcomers.  English Grammar Book by Talk English is a unique app that provides a course plan pre-set in the app. You have to pass different levels, and it keeps teaching you grammar skills according to your performance. This app comes with 138 modern grammar points utilizing simple explanations and fun quizzes to serve you the best.

9. Duolingo



Duolingo is an app to provide you complete knowledge of the English language by teaching reading, listening, and writing skills. Not only grammar, but this app will update your vocabulary skills and allows you to learn verbs, phrases, sentences straight away.

10. Improve English


Improve English


Improve English is the last name in our list of best English grammar apps for Android, which is solely developed to refine your English skills. This platform is based on scientific algorithms which aim to support you to learn and improve your grammar skills.  You will find courses related to English such as Vocabulary, Grammar, English Phrasal Verbs, and more.


We have created a list of the best English grammar apps for Android that you can use to bring betterment to your English grammar skills. Users must use these apps to avoid bad grammar or lack of skills, which are sometimes embarrassing. If you are running an online business, some wrongly written content may affect your business and put a bad impression on customers. You can choose any of these apps based on your level and requirements; dont forget to send us suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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