How To Get Windows 10X File Explorer on Windows 10

Windows 10X is intended to be a finished update of Windows that is streamlined to work with Dual Screen and foldable devices. You can even introduce Windows 10X emulator on your Windows 10 to encounter it yourself. Probably the greatest change on 10X is the File Explorer, it’s insignificant and looks like the record programs on cell phones. In this article, I’ll tell you the best way to get Windows 10X File Explorer for Windows 10. How about we start.

How to get Windows 10X File Explorer On Windows 10

There are two document travelers on windows 10X, One is a regular file explorer and the other one is the beta form which just backings One Drive starting at now. As there is no ideal port for the OneDrive variant, we’d introduce the first.

To get Windows 10X File supervisor, the main necessity is 64-piece Windows 10 OS. It deals with all forms of Windows 10 including Professional, Home, and so on. It even works with AMD based systems(whereas the Windows 10X Emulator just backings Intel).

Ensure that your device supports Hyper-V. To check, Open the Command Prompt, type the order “systeminfo.exe” and press Enter key. Presently under the Hyper-V Requirements segment, in the event that you see the alternative YES, you can proceed and empower Hyper-V.

If the option says No, you can use the following links to enable Hyper V from BIOS. After enabling, recheck again whether the option is saying Yes or No.


After activating the feature from BIOS, enable “Hyper-V” feature by navigating to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Features on or off> Enable “Hyper-V”.

Now open Settings on your PC > Update and Security > Windows update and make sure it is updated and restart the PC.

Windows 10X File Manager comes baked inside the Windows Update and you can access it using RUN dialog by pressing Win+R.

Simply paste the following command in the Run Dialog box and click OK.

Viola, the new Windows 10X File Explorer in all its glory. As it is hidden deep in Windows Updates, you can use it to browse anytime but you can’t use it as your default explorer.

Right-click on the new file explorer icon in the taskbar and click on “Pin to taskbar”. So it stays there for you to use every day.

Another Method

According to my use, this new application is truly quick and responsive. Be that as it may, it isn’t exactly the equivalent on my other devices. On the off chance that you were unable to introduce this new record voyager, you can look at Files UMP application on the Microsoft store. It isn’t actually the application you jump on Windows 10X however it’s a nearby second.


This new document adventurer is insignificant and works extraordinary with the PCs with a touch screen. Be that as it may, there are scarcely any drawbacks as well. For instance, this adaptation doesn’t support OneDrive and a couple of other little features like multiple layouts, hiding items, etc,  At any rate, in the event that you are eager to evaluate something new and clean, this is one of the great other options.

Along these lines, what do you feel about the new file explorer and what are the features you feel which are absent in the enhanced one, let me know in the remarks.

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