How to activate your physical Apple Card


If you’re just now receiving your physical Apple Card, then you’re ready to activate it. And Apple couldn’t have made it any simpler to do so.

But for those who need extra help, this short tutorial shows you how to activate your titanium Apple Card.

Activate your Apple Card

Your Apple Card arrives in a nice little envelope. When you open it up, you’ll see the Activate Your Card verbiage followed by “Open Wallet app and follow instructions”. So, just leave your Apple Card in its pretty packaging and then follow these steps to activate it.

Open the Wallet app, select your Apple Card, and tap the Activate Your Card link in the notification area of that screen under Your Card Has Arrived.

Activate Your Card Wallet App

As the instructions say, hold your iPhone near the packaging that your Apple Card arrived in.

Hold iPhone Near Apple Card

Tap Activate Your Card and then tap Done.

Apple Card Activate and Ready

And there you go! Your shiny, new, titanium Apple Card is ready to use at stores, restaurants, and other locations.

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Wrapping it up

If you still haven’t applied, it’s not too late and we have a tutorial to walk you through applying for the Apple Card as well.

Have you started using your Apple Card for purchases online yet? Or are you staying away from getting another credit card? Let us know your thoughts about Apple Card in the comments below.

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