NFLbite: Best Free Live Sports Streaming Site

The NBA last years‘ season was the most unusual and different season in professional basketball history. It won’t be wrong to assume that it is undoubtedly one of the most irregular seasons in professional games. After the breakout of the global pandemic Covid-19 coronavirus, we have seen the world is facing strict lockdowns and chaotic situations. This situation has affected all the games, including NBA 202 season, for example, splitting up the playoffs and confusing sports fans worldwide about next seasons. So the recent season has given rise to many questions, and fans are looking forward to knowing the answers.

The Covid-19 coronavirus hindered the ongoing games until the end of August, but now NBA is looking to reschedule the playoffs and release the stress. However, it is a challenge to announce and hold playoffs. The recent wave of coronavirus is affecting thousands of people, especially in the t the United States (where most of these games are played). Moreover, watching games without an audience on TV decreases the charm of these games; even players are not satisfied with this scenario. NBA administration is looking to plan things and serve the fans; still, there is no guarantee, fans would fill the stadiums or not.

You will be surprised to know about the solution, last time they televised games where NBA teams competed with each other empty stadium. This time they have allowed fans to attend games via video chat; many other sports have already embraced this system. Though we won’t see fans chanting at the stadium to cheer when a player hits a 3-pointer, there will be a wall of screens projecting the faces of a favored few as they sit in front of their webcams. It is something new and cheering, its better than an empty stadium but watching the NBA playoffs in 2020 has transformed into something right out of a Black Mirror episode.

Fans didn’t accept this, and we saw a massive decline in ratings for the NBA; shockingly, people didn’t watch the playoffs. We see people criticizing the empty stadiums, and watching professional basketball without fans is not the same. They that the audience played in professional sports broadcasts until have failed to bring appropriate alternate and we had no idea until today. When we asked fans why a significant drop in ratings for the NBA, they said it seems more like practice matches than playoffs.

There is uncertainty and a look at past incidents when the players of the Milwaukee Bucks decided to strike as a form of protest while reacting to the police shooting of a defenseless black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They refused to take the court for game 5 of the Bucks’ first-round series against the Orlando Magic. More teams joined the case, and the strike became massive; this message readied other leagues, and teams from the MLB and WNBA became part of this. Many cricket and tennis players also put everything on the line to stand in solidarity (or kneel, rather) with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

However, it was the shortest-lived strike of professional sports history, but it changed the entire scene. The NBA managed to settle the issue and agreed with players in 48 hours to end the protest and get back to the business. As a result, we can see NBA playoffs getting back to your television screens.

All the incidents mentioned above show it is not an ideal time for the NBA and all sports, but there’s no reason not to watch the NBA playoffs this year. It will be more interesting this year as there will be no home crowd advantage for any teams; no players are in the game, so we hope to see many upsets. Let’s see which team wins the championship this time around, and fans are already making predictions.

You can still stream all the NBA matches live if you dont have a cable subscription; there are many options available. There are hundreds of sites on the internet that allow you to stream live NBA games without losing your pocket. If you are searching those sites, then you have landed on the right place; stay tuned to explore free sites to stream sports online.


NFLbite: Best Free Live Sports Streaming Site


Interestingly, NBA Bite started as a subreddit, and surprisingly it was amongst the popular subreddits for so many years. It managed to home to over 400,000 subscribers that is remarkable.

Today we will talk about the NBA Bite, one of the best resources for finding free live NBA games. So what are you waiting for? Let’s read the information given below and discover every detail about NBA Bite.


The design of NBA Bite makes it the best option; all the features are organized decently. You will get all the options on the homepage as it doesn’t include any unnecessary features and provides you straightforward interface. Even beginners can stream live sports with ease, and it allows you to browse by a team schedule. The conference, or game. Using this site, you can do anything you want using different features on the homepage.

What makes it different from others is it send you notifications about upcoming and currently live NBA games. You can click on the Live button to stream your favorite matches without hassling around.

Content and Features

The best thing about this site is, apart from providing Live NBA games, it enables users to track scores and stay up to date with everything in the way of NBA news. If you missed live matches, you could get all the news and highlights of your desired competition, and you can filter by your favorite team. It provides the latest in NBA news, and you can access its sister site, NFL Bite using a quick-access link.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

We will rate this section as the downside of this site; though you can stream matches using the desktop version mobile version is sluggish. You can visit this site on your mobile, but the layout explodes, and the page texts explode and gets mixed. But you can still visit this site on your smartphone to stream live NBA games, and stream matches smoothly.


It’s a great site; however, I would still suggest improving the mobile version of this site. Users want to watch matches live at the office or during traveling, so it would be a great addition to launch a separate site or app for smartphones and tablets. You can send us your suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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