How would you get ready for Black Friday 2019? 5 useful Twitter accounts Tips

You know you’re in the number one spot up to Black Friday 2019 when you hold off on purchasing an item, thinking ‘I’ll stand by to check whether there’s a Black Friday bargain on it’ – that time is currently, and it merits preparing for the arrangements bonanza.So how would you get ready for Black Friday? There are heaps of steps you can take to ensure you benefit from the investment funds season, and one of these is by ensuring you realize where to look.

Based in the US?

This article’s aimed at UK Black Friday fans, and only lists retailers under the Queen’s rule. If you’re based in the States, you’ll get more use out of our US Black Friday page.

That means you shouldn’t just turn on your computer come the price-cut period, and hope to find all the best deals straight away – either you need to know where to look, or have someone looking for you. That’s where social media comes in.

Using the power of Twitter, you can easily keep a list of all the important sources, and then skim them for best Black Friday deals. In this guide, we’ll show you just how to do that, as well as suggest the best accounts to follow.

How to make a Black Friday Twitter list

The best way to keep your Black Friday 2019 deals social accounts all in one place, in an easy-to-digest format, is by making a list that lets you check them all in one go.

Follow these easy steps to set up a Twitter list for all the Black Friday 2019 accounts you decide to follow.

  1. On the Twitter home page, click ‘Lists’ on the side
  2. Select ‘Create a List’ if you don’t have any so far, or the ‘Page+’ icon in the top right if you do.
  3. Give the list a name. We’d recommend ‘Black Friday 2019’, but it’s up to you. You can also give the list a description if you want.
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Now you’ve got your Black Friday 2019 deals list, go forth and add all the accounts you’ve found that will tweet out deals. After you’ve added them, you can view your feed by clicking on this list in the Lists menu.

But if you need help adding Twitter accounts to your Black Friday list, here’s how you do that:

  1. Find the account you’ll want to follow. We’ll give you some suggestions later on.
  2. On the profile, don’t click follow. Instead, select the three dots next to the follow button.
  3. Click on the first option, ‘Add/remove from list’, to bring up a list of all your lists.
  4. Select the list you want to add it to – presumably your Black Friday 2019 list.

Great! Now you’re prepared for Black Friday 2019 with your account-packed Twitter list ready. But just in case you want some pointers, we’ll run you through some of the useful social media accounts to follow during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season.

The best Black Friday 2019 Twitter pages to follow

These are all the social media accounts it’s worth following in the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to have all the best deals content all in one place.


Hotukdeals is a useful website where people post the best deals they’ve found in various UK shops and online stores, and it becomes especially useful come Black Friday.

You can expect the Hotukdeals Twitter page to point out the best of its user-submitted deals – however the account only posts ‘super hot deals’, the most popular discounts, so you’ll have to act fast to catch them.

You can follow Hotukdeals at @hotukdeals.

John Lewis

One of the leading retailers come Black Friday is John Lewis – not only does it provide great savings on a range of products, but it offers its signature long warranties on whatever you buy, too.

In fact, John Lewis is such an important retailer on Black Friday deals that we’ve got a specific Black Friday John Lewis page that you can check out, and we’ll be updating it regularly over the sales period. But you can also follow their Twitter for the best deals too.

You can follow John Lewis at @JLandpartners (unless you want to follow the man named John Lewis, regularly confused with the shop on Twitter, but we wouldn’t recommend that for good Black Friday deals).


Argos is a great shop year-round for affordable tech and other products, but it always outdoes itself on Black Friday too with plenty of great savings. On top of that, it has useful policies on free returns and the Argos card that lets you pay for your purchase gradually.

Like with John Lewis, we’ve got an Argos Black Friday page that we’ll keep updated with all the best discounts that Argos comes up with, but it’s also worth following the shop on Twitter.

You can follow Argos at @Argos_online.


Currys is a pretty prolific Black Friday deals source, with the shop always performing well with its Black Tag event that starts the week before Black Friday. On top of that, the Currys price promise means it won’t be beaten on prices, even for Black Friday discounts.

You can find out more about that by heading to our Currys Black Friday homepage, where we’ll be logging all the best discounts you can find at the retailer. Look out especially for laptops and computers – the shop isn’t known as Currys PC World for no reason!

You can follow Currys on Twitter at @curryspcworld.


While Amazon had its time in the sun with Amazon Prime Day 2019, it’ll likely have a great showing at Black Friday 2019 too, and we’ll probably see discounts on some of its newer products as well as other products on its platform.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Amazon Black Friday roundup to track what’s cheap – we’ve already listed which Amazon products we’re expecting to see reduced, and there will inevitably be loads of other items you can get for cheap from the online giant.

You can follow Amazon at @Amazon, although it might be a better idea to follow Amazon UK at @AmazonUK.


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