Top 10 Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone In 2021

UC Browser is one of the best browsers serving millions of users worldwide, and Alibaba Group sponsors it. However,  many people are not aware of the fact that this browser has so many security flaws, and your privacy remains in doubt. Citizen Lab established the study in 2015. It exposed this browser was sending identifiable data and specific location of users Umeng and AMAP, Alibaba’s analytics and mapping tool, located in China.  As this company is located in china, professionals are skeptical that user data might be open to Chinese authorities. So to resolve this issue, we have written this article about the best UC Browser alternatives to keep your browsing safe.

Top 10 Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone In 2021

Our experts have compiled a list of the best UC Browsers alternatives for both Android and iOS users.  Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Google Chrome


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is at the top of our list and the perfect replacement for UC Browser, which is very easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. This browser is safe, and your data is not vulnerable or available to third parties.  If you use UC Browser for fast downloading, you can give Google Chrome a try as it divides the file into small parts to stimulate the download speed.

The best thing is Chrome can now generate passwords and sync everything to your Gmail account.  It allows you to transition from one device to another quickly, and dark mode makes it look even better.

2. Safari



Safari is one of the best UC Browser alternatives that are available for iPhone users.  It uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and blocks all third-party cookies by default, making it better than Chrome. This browser doesn’t allow any tracker to follow you on the web and learn about your preferences.

The browser only saves your site visiting and downloads history and doesn’t allow any third party to access your data.  Intelligent Tracking Prevention has been working for three years to ensure data security and protection.

3. Firefox Focus


Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a browser that focuses on your data on the web in a brilliant way. The browser is famous for its strict security, and it is designed for this purpose only; it prefers your online privacy over everything. It is a favorite Mozilla Foundation product, and it doesn’t send user data to any third party, not even to Mozilla corporation.

Firefox Focus is reliable as it is one of the pioneer browsers to hinder third-party cookies by default, even before the Safari browser. They are bringing more updates to keep your browsing experience safe.

4. Samsung Internet Browser


Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is one of the best UC Browser alternatives, which is relatively new in this list. This browser arrives with so many features and getting popular day by day, and it even supports few add-ons from Galaxy Store. The best thing about this web browser is its features to improve browsing options, and it is lightweight, doesn’t affect your device. Some exceptional features include a dark mode, native ad-blocker, download manager, font customization, private mode, autofill functionality, etc.

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is already famous worldwide, as its desktop version got the online community’s attention for its outstanding performance, long battery life, and so many unique features.  After the desktop version’s success, the company brought  Chromium Edge, which is compatible with all the platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, and even Windows. It is already replacing UC Browser because it prevents all third-party trackers, and it blocks trackers from sites that you are not entering directly. The best thing is, you dont need to enable this feature; it comes as built-in settings.

6. Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser

Brave is one of the best UC Browser alternatives that you can download right now on your Android and iOS devices. The browser is based on privacy, security, and high-speed performance, which eliminates privacy reservations. It works like Firefox Focus and prevents third-party trackers by default, and guards you against external forces tracking on the web. This browser also blocks malicious scripts on sites keeping your smartphone resource-free and extends battery life. What makes it better than others is the inclusion of the HTTPS Everywhere extension that is famous for turning unsafe websites into HTTPS.

7. Kiwi


Kiwi is a new web browser still serving users with the best features and replacing  UC Browser in their devices.  Its functionality is similar to Brave and Firefox Focus and provides some features to improve your experience.  This browser looks like Chrome and adds some elements, such as it blocks third-party cookies and unnecessary trackers. Using its Cryptojacking protection, Kiwi prevents scripts from using your tool to mine crypto-currency without letting you know. Dont worry about popup and ads courtesy of its popup blocker and adblocking services that keep your browsing smooth.

8. Opera



Opera is one of the best UC Browser alternatives, and users adore it for so many helpful features. It comes with so many elements without compromising on your privacy and hinders all third-party trackers and interfering ads that may disrupt your browsing activity. Using its feature of annoying block cookies and privacy dialogs, you can get rid of external threats. If you miss reading news on UC Browser, Opera provides the facility of  AI-curated news for its users.

9. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is another famous web browser that is a product of Opera Software company, but it is developed to focus on your privacy. IT arrives with an integrated ad-blocker that blocks video ads, pop-ups, intrusive banner ads, and more. This browser frees websites from trackers and analytics tools and includes a very user-friendly interface.

It also provides you with many customization features, and you can apply a desktop-style tabbed layout or use the classic mobile interface. However, we recommend a tabbed layout that is easy to use, and you can control the open tabs with ease.

10. DuckDuckGo



DuckDuckGo is the last name in our list of best UC Browser alternatives that provide a private search engine and brilliant web browser for your devices. Like other browsers, it blocks all the private third-party trackers and informs you about the tracker’s major advertisement networks. Therefore you will know about the, and it forces sites to use encrypted connection just like the HTTPS Everywhere extension.  SO your data is always safe as it applies all the modes and features to keep your browsing experience safer than ever.


We have compiled a list of the best UC Browser alternatives for our users since UC Browser is exposed for its weak privacy and security. You can choose anyone among these choices and start browsing without any fears of external intervention. Send us your precious suggestions, and we will meet again with other exciting topi. Good luck!

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