Why and How to Create Effective Video Content for the Growth of the Business

There are a plethora of ways to create excellent content for the growth of the business. However, the video is one of the most potent mediums of content for storytelling. It can have a significant impact on the success of your promotional advertisements.

The best part of creating compelling video content is that it works efficiently to engage with people. Also, it creates more profound and satisfying relationships between your target audience and you.

Role of Video Content in the Market

Here are some statistics that prove that video content plays a crucial role in the content marketing strategy.

  • Videos on social media get 1200 percent more shares when compared to text and images combined.
  • More than 85% of digital marketers use video content as their content marketing strategy.
  • The volume of mobile video consumption increases by 2X every year.
  • Video content accounted for ⅘ of all consumer internet traffic in the year 2019.

As the demand for video content is enhancing day by day, now it is high time for brands and marketers to use promo video makers to create compelling video content for the business’s growth. Click for more info.

This post presented some excellent tips to create actionable video content for your business growth.

Tips for creating compelling video content for the growth of the business 

Be clear about the video content

It is vital to make it clear what the video is all about. For instance, if your purpose behind creating video content is to get more reach and views, then you should offer an ample amount of information to the audience to decide whether they should watch it or not.

There is a simple process for that. You need to write informative and correct synopsis and transcribe the video.

Use an easy SEO strategy for video

Many people think that SEO is only for websites and blog posts. But it is vital to be aware that YouTube has become the second largest search engine. So, there are also some of the practical steps that may help the audience to find your video content easily.

To make your video content SEO friendly, titles should be eye-catching, and keywords must be in the video description. Apart from that, using the tags accurately, link-building, and thumbnails are important aspects too.

Do not forget to optimize video

Once you have encouraged the audience to watch the video, now it is time to optimize it. To get the most conversions, all it is required to optimize the video correctly.

To optimize your videos, you can follow some step like include a clear CTA. Also, it is critical to decide the best time to publish the video.

Customer Testimonial

Social proof is one of the best ways to increase conversions. Along with this, it is also essential to build credibility and trust between your audience and you. More than half of the customers find customer testimonial videos beneficial. Here are some of the effective ways to perform it. Nowadays, many brands show their likes, views, shares, votes, and comments to display how other people found their video content useful.

Increase the impact and reach of the videos

When the video content campaign is ready, every brand wants their video to be viewed by maximum people. So, here we have accumulated three points that may help you enhance your video marketing strategy.

  • Entertain your audience
  • Do paid video content promotion.
  • Make it part of your complete content marketing campaign.

Choose the right platform to showcase your work

It is essential to choose the right video sharing platform to showcase your work. Also, try to upload your video campaign in as many places as possible.

Here are some of the best video uploading platforms:

  • Use your video on your website. Even if your website does not have much traffic, this strategy may encourage the audience to see your videos and enhance your site’s performance.
  • Upload videos on Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Share videos directly on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Monitor the performance of your video

Analytics plays a critical role in every video marketing campaign. If you make lots of video content, you need to monitor the investment in video marketing campaigns. It helps in making deliberate decisions to enhance them.

There are specific ways to measure your campaign performance, such as YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics. It helps you get to know and learn more about views, watch time, traffic sources, etc.

Why businesses should use video content for marketing 

There are tons of reasons why businesses should use video content for marketing. So, here are the top five reasons for using video content for marketing.

It Improves Sales and conversions

One survey recorded that more than 70% of the viewers who have watched an explainer video about a service or product end up buying it.

Excellent Return on Investment

More than 80% of the businesses have said that video content offers good ROI. In the era of expensive video editing software, there are very few promo video makers such as Videocreek that offer services at an affordable rate.

It builds trust

Video content helps your visitors to connect with your product or service emotionally. YouTubers have been successful in doing this.

Google promotes Video content

If you want your visitors to spend more time on your website, including videos on the site may help you. Also, Google owns YouTube, and if you have integrated video on your site, your site is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google.

Video marketing can explain everything

Some products and services are challenging to understand. In this scenario, video content has proven itself extremely important. Animated videos are one of the best ways to make your audience understand the product and service.


Video marketing has become more cost-effective. It requires creativity and ample market research to create engaging video marketing campaigns. In a short period, you can share your creative video content and get millions of views.

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