8 Mobile Games You Should Try Out Now

If you’re one of those people looking for a fresh genre of games you can play on your phone, then you have come to the perfect place! The refreshing gameplay you get from mobile games is unlike any other – intuitive with great response time with fantastic music to go along with it. It neither overpowers nor hides in the back – it’s a perfect balance.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure no one feels left out of this list. Why? Because we’re only including games that can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. So don’t fret about not being able to play the excellent music choices and experiencing the cool art and animations within mobile games. Do try out the games we list down here, they’re really exciting!

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 MOD – another sequel to the exciting popular shadow fighting game developed by Nekki. Initially, gamers will be offered a choice of one of several factions: Legion, Dynasty and Messengers. Each faction has its own unique history, which goes deep into the distant past, and the choice of the gamer will depend on the open style of combat. The creators convince that users as before waiting for an unusual passage, including an unthinkable number of interesting quests and a variety of missions.


We’ll start out with a fresh take on the piano-esque tapping element of the mobile games. You know what I’m talking about, you know those other rhythm games where you tap, hold, and slide each note. However, you can get a new dimension with Arcaea because you play on more than one dimension, and get to slide up and down the screen as well! Developed by Iowiro.

Avicii | Gravity HD 

Doesn’t that name sound familiar? Well, it is who you think it is – the famous DJ that released great songs. He, along with Hello There Games, created an amazing rhythm game that responds with how well you’re playing! The ambiance and music tracks only get better as you progress through each level – so do your best to complete each one to see all of the coolness!


If you’re a fan of the more classic style of rhythm games(think Dance Dance Revolution), then BeatX developed by Maniacs s.r.o. is probably the right game for you. BeatX perfectly encaptures the feeling of nostalgia when you play it – it’s perhaps more like an homage to the great classics. Just like those classics, you can play by yourself or even with others!

Cytus II

If you’ve played the predecessor(Cytus) and loved it, then Cytus II is definitely something you’ll like and enjoy. The gameplay remains consistent with the line judgment system; however, you get a new set of controls that keep the game fresh and exciting. RayArk added characters that correspond with a Genre of music, but you do need to play all of them!


Coming from the same developers, Deemo is like the polar opposite to what Cytus II is. Deemo takes the route of more classical piano ballads backed up with an intricate storyline that coincides with each song. A powerful, dramatic effect is given off by the piano. At the same time, an eerie and soft-hearted mood is set by the story.


Getting back to more exciting rhythm games, Dynamix nicely portrays the excitement and well, dynamics. It feels like Tap Tap Revolution brought up to the next level – a nostalgic arcade experienced cranked up, in the palm of your hands, and at the tip of your fingers. In the scroller style, but at a faster pace than what Deemo offers, a great addition to your phone.

Groove Coaster 2

If you still want to play a rhythm game that doesn’t rely on your hand-to-eye coordination, then Groove Coaster 2 would be a nice change of pace. A range of Electronic Dance Music to Techno, you get a unique experience! Why? Because it’s all in the style of a Roller Coaster! TAITO Corporation lets you ride the coaster while blasting exhilarating music.


A rhythm game that’s colored and stylized beautifully into anime. It’s like any other tapping rhythm game. However, you do get some assistance in the form of visual cues – which reinforces that this game has impressive visuals alongside the amazing music. It’s all relatively simple unless you turn up the difficulty a notch – and that’s entirely up to you!


Among all of the rhythm games, we consider these the elite! Because they are extremely fun to play, a great way to discover new music, and a good way to release some stress – all while being free! We do know that our list was cut quite short, and it’ll probably be a breeze for you to get through all of these games. Do have fun with them because they’re all great!

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