8 Proven Tips to Sleep Better At Night

Sleeping is important, yet many suffer from sleep deficiency. Studies found that sleep deficiency has become a global health problem. If you do not sleep enough, you will feel tired the next day. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to serious complications. Your risk of obesity, heart disease, and even mental disorders rise.

If you find it hard to sleep at night, there are a few strategies that you can use to help you get more shut-eye. We will share eight top tips to help you sleep better at night.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is usually recommended to help you stay fit and avoid weight gain. What you may not know is that a daily exercise routine might be the key to help you sleep better too. Exercise increases your deep sleep time. This, in turn, leads to a better quality of sleep. It also helps you sleep longer, which means it is easier to sleep for seven to eight hours each night.

A regular exercise session also helps to reduce your stress and anxiety. Both of these psychological problems can lead to a poor night’s sleep.

  1. Consistent Bed Time

Having a routine is also very helpful when it comes to improving your sleep. You should set up a consistent bedtime for yourself. Climb into bed at the same time every night – and then make sure you get up at a fixed time in the morning.

By having a consistent sleep schedule, you are able to bring your circadian rhythm back into sync. This means you will eventually start to fall asleep faster and experience a better quality of sleep in general.

  1. Reserve Bed for Sleep And Sex

Many people tend to watch television, play games, or continue a conversion on their smartphone once they get into bed. These are all habits that will interfere with your sleep. Instead, only use the bed to sleep or have sex. Getting the best mattress for sex is a great way to make things more pleasant once you get into bed too.

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine are known to interfere with sleep. If you drink either of these before going to bed, you might find it harder to fall asleep. Caffeine will surely keep you up at night. While alcohol sometimes causes people to “pass out” when they get to bed, your overall sleep quality will be affected in a negative way. Rather avoid these drinks when bedtime draws close. Enjoy a cup of tea instead.

  1. Air Purifier

Air quality in your room can affect your sleep. When the air is polluted, you may suffer from allergies and find it harder to fall asleep. Using an air purifier in your room can be a great way to reduce these problems. Air purifiers are readily available today – and there is a significant variation in the models you can choose from. Some even allow you to add essential oils. In such a case, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil can help to calm your mind. This soothing effect is great for improving your sleep quality.

  1. Sleep Tracker

Asleep tracker is an electronic device that might help you assess your current sleep habits and make appropriate changes to help you sleep better at night.

There are different types of sleep trackers available. Many fitness trackers go around your arm and are able to easily track how much you sleep at night. You can also choose a smart bed or mattress, which shows you more than just how much you sleep. These mattresses are also able to tell you how you sleep, how much you switch position, and more.

  1. Sleep Noise Device

While some people enjoy a quiet environment when they sleep, others crave a sound to help them fall asleep. This is where a sleep noise device can be a very valuable asset in your room.

These devices can play a variety of sounds when you get to bed. You can usually adjust the sound it plays, as well as the volume. The sound will continue to play as you fall asleep.

  1. Smart Thermostat

The temperature in your room affects how well you sleep. If it gets too hot or too cold, then you may find it is harder to fall asleep. You also do not want to wake up in the middle of the night, lying in a pool of sweat.

A smart thermostat, connected to a temperature control system, can help to regulate the temperature in your room.


According to SleepStandards, many people experience disruptions in their sleep patterns. This leads to sleep deficiency, which can cause health problems to develop. Your psychological and physical health can suffer in the process. If you find it difficult to fall or stay asleep at night, consider the tips we shared in this post. They are sure to come in handy to ensure you get enough sleep.

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