Amazon Prime Movies You Need To Download and Binge-Watch

Do you still recall all the videos you reserved for a rainy day in the Amazon? It’s time to pick up the watch list, and indulge on the inside blockbusters, and to aid you in your search to binge-watch throughout these turbulent times.

To help you maximize and get the most out of your Prime Video membership, we’ve browsed loads of submissions to bring you the finest films to watch in Amazon Prime.

Downloading Amazon Movies

Before we give you the list, we’ll give you an extra tip. If you download your movies and shows beforehand will save you the trouble of annoying buffering moments and data saver for your internet as well. If you’re not sure how to download amazon prime movies, check this out:

Open the Prime Video application on your smartphone to download Prime Video movies, and select the one you’d like to use. For movies: Pick the option on the information page to access the movie. For tv shows: You can download the whole season. Click the download button from the collection of shows to access the individual episodes.

Now that we’ve settled that, let’s look at our top Amazon movies to binge-watch.

Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006

The emphasis of wartime terror by Del Toro is done with a creativity that you wouldn’t expect, a beautiful moodscape of gloom and excitement. This grown-up fairy tale drifts between the truth of battle and the labyrinth’s fantasy and does so with such a light hand; you’ll constantly be wondering where they wind up and end.

Lady Bird, 2017

Like the Eighth Grade this year, Lady Bird looks like this is the first experience we see on television this unique glimpse of the coming-of-age. It’s amusing as ever straight away, as Metcalf and Ronan take verbal dueling to the next degree, then effortlessly take fast jumps into the visceral, tear-jerking territory. You’re going to scream, tear, and you’re going to enjoy these protagonists.

The Big Sick, 2017

Touted as a conventional rom-com movie, The Big Sick has far more humor and tension than you might have expected the advertisements and videos might. Much of the true dirt is given by teamwork between Nanjiani and Holly Hunter and Ray Romano-as parents of Emily-. Meaningful, and confirmation that the genre still retains a lot of authenticities, The Big Sick is one of the funniest videos on Amazon Prime.

Midsommar, 2019

Dizzying. Surprising. Mind-Boggling film. None of these is apt definitions of the Hereditary follow-up of Ari Aster. This sophomore debut happily accepts the absolute worst of humankind and sheds an unpredictable light on certain inherent defects.

It’s a tale of terror, yes, but at its heart, it’s a romantic saga, infused with pagan rites, gruesome executions, terrifying images, and all-consuming sorrow.

You Were Never Really Here, 2018

Possibly not one to catch anytime you want a fill-me-up, this Lynne Ramsay 2017 suspense centers on the workings of a hitman in New York City portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. A professional assassin, Joe delivers with his victims for lousy pay and a club, bringing a dose of up-close violence to his job that greatly compares with his relaxation, which he usually enjoys with his elderly mother.

Annihilation, 2018

Natalie Portman heads this group of formidable people researching a gradually destroying natural force on Earth. The entire experience is packed with strange events related to meta-commentaries on nature and human existence. Still, frankly, the best aspect of this film is its ensemble and the kick-ass roles that they portray.

Under the Skin, 2013

This is a disturbing mood-painting practice. Don’t go in looking for a complex story or a single target, and you’ll be satisfied. It also conceived the sliding viral Scarlett Johansson and contains the weirdest reaction ever to carrot cake.

First Reformed, 2018

A very slow-burn that celebrates the major precious moments that tend to characterize us, you’re not going to expect the unexpected twists that arise, as they seem so at conflict with the mood of the film. It is such reckless choices on the plot that echo Taxi Driver in locations.


There you have it, some rare gems in Amazon Prime to watch. Remember to bring lots of snacks and sodas because you’ll definitely have an excellent time marathoning these movies with friends and family.

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