Business Website Tips For Your Company

your business known on the internet is a huge deal in this tech era.  Your business will have added potential with a solid digital presence, and it all begins with a well built website.  

The company website is ground zero for so much of the action your business will see from the digital community.  It’s important that you make a good impression.  

Take a few moments to check out a few simple tips on ways to improve your business website design, and consider where your site could use some upgrading.  

Keep your design simple

Web users don’t want to spend the majority of their time on their search figuring out where to click.  You have to make it easy if you really want people to engage on your site.  Start by designing a simplistic method of navigation. 

A stationary navigation bar is most commonly used for business designs, and will serve your site well.  This assisted living community website shows you just how useful stationary navigation design can be.  People will have more time to spend checking out what you have to offer when they don’t have to spend all of their time figuring out how to work things.  

Create opportunities for communication

Your website should serve as a communication link between your business and your target consumer.  Adding elements of communication throughout the design is best, so users have instance after instance to chime in with your company. 

Create a “Contact” page that gives visitors at least four different ways to connect.  A phone number, an email address, a snail mail address, and a simple contact form will give you a good start on building new connections with consumers.  

Add a blog for engagement

Adding a blog to your website gives users a reason to spend a little more time hanging out on your pages.  If you present visitors with information they find interesting or useful, then you can build a stronger connection. 

You need people to deem your blog posts interesting and noteworthy enough to actually read the whole post, so you have to make sure the content is quality.  Blog posts should teach something about your industry or your business.  Keep your posts industry specific, so the people who find your posts are already in the mindset that is parallel to your operation’s purpose. 

Utilize social media sharing icons

While you’re working on your business blog, add social media sharing icons to your design as well.  These tiny, familiar icons make people feel comfortable, and they know just what to do with them.  Your business will get a small boost in marketing when you add sharing icons for the channels that matter most to your target consumers.  

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