How to Exit Navigation in your Google Maps

Google Maps is already installed on every Android smartphone, and the same is true for iPhone users. Most of the time, we are all required to utilise Google Maps. And the Google software has been plagued by the issue we’re having for a while.

Whenever we need to travel somewhere unfamiliar to us or somewhere unusual, we need navigation. However, in order to drive safely, we must use Google Assistant while driving. By saying “Ok Google,” we can manually launch the Google Assistant. After that, it directs us verbally and informs us where we’re headed. Simply say “Exit Navigation, Exit Navigation, or Close Navigation” once you have arrived at your location.

Bonus Advice

When you employ Maps’ direction-navigation feature, your AI assistant begins narrating the route. Turn it off if you don’t need or want it. Simply say, “Mute voicing guidance,” to start. To turn it back on, simply say, “Unmute voice guidance,” into your phone’s microphone.

How do I use a virtual assistant?

Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with Google Assistant. Start the AI feature on your smartphone to configure it. This capability is present in all recent cellphones as well as many older ones. Regardless of the brand you choose. It is quite simple to use. Use it while eating, cooking, driving, or doing anything else that requires your hands because it is hands-free.

Simply saying “Ok Google” will activate the AI, which will then launch itself as a chat box at the bottom of your smartphone. As you observe the box’s various lights begin to blink, your AI Assistant will begin to respond to your commands. Any question is acceptable. For example, show me the weather forecast for today, open a map, or mention some popular films. You may get an answer from it or see whatever you want to see.


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