For the Webmaster: 5 Link Building Strategies to Try Out

An excellent link building tactic is essential for attaining SEO success. However, it can be very challenging and challenging. For that reason, most people try hard to build links to their website, no matter what tactic they use.

When you are working on one link building strategy, it’s of the utmost importance to understand and fathom that you cannot build links right away. It is a slow and progressive process. If that tactic fails, don’t fret.

There are tons of strategies that genuinely work, strategies that will bring quality links, drive more traffic, and boost revenue for your business. For a little help, here are five-link building strategies that every webmaster can leverage.

Guest Blogging

One of the oldest and most common link building tactics is guest blogging. So, how does guest blogging work? Well, it’s simple. First, you create content intended for another site but still relevant to your niche. If these sites like the article, they’ll publish it in no time. Don’t forget to link your website to that article.

How do you look for a potential guest post? You can use search operators to find guest post prospects. Here are some of the examples:

Topic + intitle: “write for us”

Topic inurl: contribute

Topic “become an author”

Topic “guest article”

Google search operators help in discovering websites that are open for guest posting. However, since everybody else uses the same method, everyone gets the same prospects. So, here’s what you can do.

Don’t look for websites that are accepting guest posting. Instead, look for other relevant websites, then pitch your article to them. Many sites allow guest posts even though they do not state it explicitly. If your content can drive visitors to their website, site owners won’t turn it down.

How do you look for relevant websites? Well, you can take advantage of Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. It is like a small-scale search engine established into Ahrefs. All you have to do is to input anything, and Ahrefs’ content explorer will look for mentions of that phrase or word.

You can opt to remove any unwanted websites with built-in filters. Then, download your guest post prospects to a CSV file. For content checking, it’s also best to use tools such as a word counter, plagiarism detector, and grammar checker.


Almost all link building tactic circles around outreach. But what exactly is outreach? First of all, outreach is a tactic where you talk to people relevant to your niche and present them to your article.

However, here’s the thing, in outreach you do not need to have any content at all. Instead, you need to have a product, business, services, personality, or brand that’s worthy of a link.

If you have got something, consider reaching out to startups and entrepreneurs to let them know about your brand. If they regard your products or services valuable, they might make you a reference in the long run.

Reach out to people who have cited your keyword in their content and who have linked to related content on the topic. Again, you can use Ahrefs’ content explorer to look for your prospects.

Community Site Link Building

Most webmasters tend to aim their attention on building only the authoritative links. Well, it may be a good thing. However, do you think that a natural backlink profile has only high-quality links?

Not exactly. That is why it’s of the utmost importance to establish links from other niche-related websites as well. Reddit, forums, Quora, etc. are some of the great places to advertise your site and build niche-related links to expand your backlink profile.

Another excellent way to diversify your backlink profile is through blog comments. It will not only help your content to get known. It can also drive more links and traffic to your site.

Link Reclamation

Did you know that you are possibly losing links all the time? You can put a stop to this natural movement by creating and establishing a passive stream of links. You can do this via link reclamation, a much straightforward way of getting links compared to building new ones.

In the first place, why are links lost? Perhaps the link was, for the most part, removed or the linking page fails to exist. If the link got taken it from the content, maybe the author revamped or updated it, and as a result of that process, your link was removed.

Furthermore, keep in mind that links can get withdrawn for several other reasons. As such, it’s crucial that you know those reasons and oversees things accordingly.

Loot Links from Lower-ranking Web Pages

Have you ever seen an inferior content that has a massive amount of links? If so, were you curious how they got such links over yours? Well, you know what, there is hardly anyone who knows that a much better content exists.

For that reason, make your content known and ask these sites to link to you instead. To do this, you need to look for mediocre content from which you can loot links. You can use Ahrefs content explorer to do this. Be sure to look for links that are valuable to you.


You can’t reach SEO success overnight, so as for link building. It’s not rocket science. Some tactics may work well for other websites than yours. But worry not. You need to test and see which link building strategy works best for you. All you have to do is to execute them.

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