7 Best Free Music Player For Mac in 2020

iTunes is the best free music player for Mac users as a long way as a convenience. Each new computer comes with it pre-mounted, and if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll need it to sync tune and lower back up your tool. However, there are valid motives to dislike iTunes. The upward thrust of Spotify and other music streaming services have made iTunes much less beneficial, now not to say that the iTunes software program is gradual and bloated. Until you’re truly tied to the iTunes atmosphere for a few cause and have no preference but to use it, recollect switching to this type of alternative music player for Mac. So, we bring some interest and the best free music player for Mac. Have, enjoy while reading.

Best Free Music Player For Mac

1. Strawberry Music Player

In case you’re looking for the best free music player for mac but a lightweight song player, you may need to try Strawberry music participants. This nifty tune player app became forked from the now-defunct Clementine returned in 2018. It also gives all of the power you want in an MP3 player with none bloat.

Tune command is Strawberry’s top-selling point. It comes with a cover supervisor, queue manager, playlist control tools, music layout transcoder (with FLAC assist), CD ripping tool, and a sophisticated tag editor for batch enhancing song files.

Out of the field, Strawberry integrates with approximately a dozen one of a kind internet offerings, such as song streaming services (Tidal, Qobuz, Subsonic), album art services (In the last, FM, MusicBrainz, Discogs), and scrobbling services (remaining.FM, Libre.FM, ListenBrainz).

2. Musique

Musique sells itself as “a finely crafted song player,” and it critically lives up to that claim. It’s simple, it’s stunning, and it suits right into any macOS machine.

Simplicity is the call of the sport right here, but simple in a way that doesn’t sacrifice beauty or usability. To me, it looks like an extremely stripped-down version of iTunes. what iTunes could have been before it went in advance and became a bloated mess of functions I in my opinion never use.

Different functions include the ability to browse folders and files, a queue-primarily based playback interface, and automobile-loading of lyrics for songs. Musique isn’t the app you need when you have a big track library and need organizational functions to maintain the entirety neat and orderly. However, for informal song listeners? It’s simply perfect.

3. DeaDBeeF

Many converts from windows to Mac ask for a music participant app that’s similar to Foobar2000. With the advent of DeaDBeeF, we ultimately have an app we will advise. In truth, DeaDBeeF even supports superior identify Formatting scripting that’s immediately like-minded with Foobar2000.

DeaDBeeF is a light-weight pass-platform tune player that’s characteristic-whole and easy as cream, with solid builds for home windows, Mac, and Linux. It isn’t the prettiest of apps, however, it’s powerful with support for lots audio and chiptune codecs proper out of the box (along with MP3, OGG, FLAC, NSF, VTX, VGM, and more). Pretty a lot any layout supported by means of FFMPEG is also supported by way of DeaDBeeF.

DeaDBeeF additionally supports numerous metadata/tag codecs, which include ID3v1 to ID3v2. Four, Xing/information, and VorbisComments, with an easy-to-use tag editor. Simply because it’s light-weight doesn’t imply it gain serves as an excellent track organizer app.

Different beneficial capabilities encompass: tab-primarily based interface for separate playlists, 18-band visible equalizer, gapless playback, replay gain, vehicle-download of album art, Shoutcast and radio streams, and an integrated audio format converter.


IINA embraces the brand new music player for Mac OS. This includes an interface subject matter designed for dark Mode and photo-in-photograph compatibility for watching video playback at the same time as running on different matters. It helps the whole thing from the MacBook pro touch Bar to trackpad gestures for controls. There’s also some thrilling innovation below the hood, along with the capacity to play online streams and YouTube playlists thru IINA, in addition to all of your nearby documents. In case you’re seeking out a thrilling participant that thinks outdoor the field, supply IINA a shot. Since the player is open source, you could also assume extra interactivity in the destiny as the network grows.

5. Buy At Apple

This Free music player for Mac OS has a very smooth, fashionable interface that gives something very distinct from Apple Music at the same time as still looking like a part of your Mac. Playlists are smooth to create and type through, and controls are very intuitive: We particularly like the common-experience broadcast button that permits you to quick hyperlink to any related device, together with speakers, Apple TV, or a smart TV for diverse audio options. File support is likewise strong, with well suited formats together with M4A, WMA, MP3, M4V, and dozens more. There’s masses of focus on video as well, so it additionally works as an alternative movie player.

6. Vox Player

Vox Player isn’t simply a stunning Music app for Mac, it’s one of the few track players that can nicely cope with hi-res tune. It’s our pinnacle recommendation for nice hi-res song players for Mac, and as soon as you’re the use of it, you’ll also want to start paying attention to hi-res tune to your iPhone or iPad. Vox Player comes with all you’d assume in a song player, inclusive of pace and performance. It supports FLAC playback, song organization features, built-in net radio, and you could also connect it to Sound Cloud and Last.FM. One more feature to note. Vox offers an non-obligatory Premium plan, which comes with unlimited cloud storage and playback for your music files, synchronizing playlists across devices, advanced 10-band equalizer presets, BS2B, and Hog Mode that silences all different sounds so that you can concentrate to your track uninterrupted by alerts and notifications.

7. Quod Libet

Quod Libet has a bizarre name—it means “some thing you wish” in Latin—but don’t allow that turn you away. This open-source music player for Mac was released again in 2004 and maintains to receive regular updates to this day. Not many users have ever heard of it, that’s a shame. It’s a simple piece of software and nothing about it will blow your mind, but it’s intensely realistic and smooth to use. The sheer simplicity is what makes it the closest antithesis to iTunes on mac OS. And it’s filled with features: guide for all varieties of media formats (which include FLAC), clever replay gain, ratings-weighted random playback, Unicode tags, built-in net radio, configurable user interface, superior library management, and a lot more.


There are valid reasons to maintain using iTunes; I wouldn’t say all and sundry desires to exchange away. It’s brilliant for handling podcasts, for example, and the features are beneficial if you may deal with the bloat. And if you’re the use of Apple Music, you have no other options besides iTunes for playback to your Mac.

But if you have a lot of downloaded MP3s, one of the above alternative tune gamers for Mac may honestly serve your needs better. Remember to pair your track player with a superb set of earbuds for a smooth listening experience. And don’t prevent at simply tune! Check out our listing of great Mac apps to install on any MacBook or iMac.

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