Hot Game Apps To Play During Summer

Summers are in full swing, and it’s pretty hot outside. So what can you do while staying indoors? Try these seven great apps to spice up your summertime:

1. Monument Valley

Both Monument Valley 1 and 2, are ubiquitous recommendations for beginners and also the pro players. Monument Valley is a surreal exploration that shows how well the puzzle genre has evolved. It’s interactive, mind-bending, and serene. You just have to guide the princess through a stunningly beautiful world. It sounds simple, but the gameplay is quite challenging!

2. Old Man’s Journey

This one’s an award-winning soul searching mobile game that offers adventure in the real sense. It’s a story of life, loss, and hope. The game is undemanding and engaging and a pleasing while-away full of emotions. It’s more of a poem than a sheer puzzle. You just have to move the hills up and down to let the old man trek across the Italian inspired landscapes.

3. BlockuDoku

For the love of block puzzles, here’s a straightforward and sophisticated one. BlockuDoku block puzzle is a perfect distraction for every summer – you’ll literally lose track of time. It’s easy on your eyes and mind, and once you get the gang of the gameplay, there’s no looking back. BlockuDoku is engaging, challenging, and perfect pastime.

4. Gorogoa

This is an artsy puzzle similar to Monument Valley. Its blissful beauty puts you at ease, but the demanding controls challenge you throughout. Gorogoa is another award-winning game with a driving visual narrative, great music, and a unique storyline. It’s altogether a different kind of puzzle that’s intricate and hard to put in words.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is amongst the most popular online puzzles of building shelter and survival. It’s an original and engaging game available across several platforms. It has the flexibility of staggeringly vast gameplay that sets it apart from so many other games. Moreover, Minecraft’s community is also pretty strong, and it’s used for educational purposes in coding and engineering classes.

6. Aquavias

This one’s a beautiful puzzle game with a relaxing musical score. Your aim is to construct massive aqueducts to fill reservoirs and prevent the situation of drought. But the more straightforward it sounds, demanding it gets when you’re actually into the game. It’s somewhat a plumbing game where you’ve to guide the water through mountains and valleys until it makes it to the city.

7. 2048

This is a beautiful sliding block puzzle where two tiles with the same numbers touch and merge into one. The game’s impeccably simple, yet satisfyingly complex. It’s intriguing, relaxing, and highly addictive. You’d need some practice to master the gameplay, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

So here are our top picks to sizzle your summer. We highly recommend BlockuDoku for a chill Sunday afternoon, but if you’re looking for something more robust, try Minecraft. In fact, try these all out and let us know how you like them.

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