How Technology Has Made Travelling More Convenient.

When we used to travel years ago we would need to carry around big maps, big suitcases or bags with our clothing and other items in and getting around a foreign country were difficult if you couldn’t speak the language.

Thankfully traveling today is made much easier through technology. In this article, we will look at how technology has made traveling to a foreign country easier. 

Booking transfers and hotels

Getting to and from an airport used to be left to the tour operator if you were travelling on a package holiday, but if you weren’t you would have to land in a foreign airport and hope there was a taxi rank nearby. This would fill most families with dread because getting in a strange car late at night with your family wasn’t something that would put many people at ease.

Technology has made it so getting to and from the airport is easy through the use of apps or website such as the one by Airport Transfers UK. All you need to do is go on a website or app, put your details in and a private taxi will be waiting outside the airport as soon as you arrive. 

Even if you don’t speak the local language there is no need to panic because your destination is already translated to your driver in their language. Travelling to or from the airport via taxi through an app is especially useful for families too as you can select vehicles that match your needs. This can’t be done with a traditional taxi and is less convenient.

Booking hotels through apps is also another great innovation through technology as it gives you real-time updates on the availability of hotel rooms. Companies such as Tripadvisor too check many different prices from other providers and bring those back to you so that you can get the best deal available for the dates that you want to travel.

Storing your entertainment

No one likes to be bored when travelling so in the past you may have taken a few books, a music player, a magazine or newspaper a camera and so much more. Taking all of this equipment would not only fill your luggage but it would make it hard to carry it around too.

Technology allows us to condense all of the above onto one simple device, the mobile phone.

You can read books, access the internet, listen to music, play games, take photos and so much more on one device so there isn’t a reason for having any of the above when travelling. Your mobile phone can also double up as a map so if you want to find somewhere that you haven’t been before you can either download a city map or you can use an app such as Google maps to find where you need to go.

Google maps is a free app that can be used without running your data down and having expensive data fees. If you are going to a new country and you don’t know it too well then Google Maps is a must-have app.

Translating on the fly

If you don’t know the language of the place you are going to then it can be awkward when you don’t know what the other person is saying and it’s as equally frustrating for them too. Thankfully technology has a solution again, translation apps.

You can use translation apps to communicate something with another person of a different language and they can speak an answer back where it will be translated by you.

Using apps like the above shows the locals you are trying to make an effort with them and as a result, they may be able to show you something in more detail or show you hidden gems from their country which will make your whole travelling experience so much better.

Using a translation app will also get you used to seeing common words so over time you will pick up little bits of the language too. There are many apps on both the Apple and Android store that does the above so finding one that works for you is going to be trial and error. If you don’t want to pay for one you can always use Google’s free translation tool Google Translate.

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