How to properly maintain your kitchen worktop to maintain the aesthetics of the kitchen?

A built-in kitchen is usually decided for many years. It is therefore important to maintain the kitchen worktop regularly so that the surface still impresses visually even after a long period of use. Regular cleaning is also important to remove bacteria, and germs, and to guarantee hygienic food preparation. Depending on the material, both the cleaning products, and the effort differ. Do you know, Rotimatic roti maker needs less maintenance than maintaining a kitchen work top? This smart kitchen appliance is especially designed to make your kitchen looks beautiful, useful, and ease of making roti, puri, and pizza bread. It is a must have in Indian kitchen.

How to maintain each work top?

Plastic worktops (laminate) are very easy to clean. You only need a little warm water and detergent. If the dirt is stubborn, alcohol or glass cleaner ensure clean results. Because the plastic is sensitive to sharp acids and cleaning agents with a scouring effect, it is better not to use aggressive cleaning agents. Natural stones are sensitive to acids and get stains quickly. So you should use an acid-free cleaning agent for cleaning. Ideally it is a special cleaning agent for natural stone. Water and oil stains should be removed quickly, as natural stone absorbs them. Protection against stains is provided by impregnation with natural stone care.

Worktops made of real wood are best regularly impregnated with wood oil or, wax. Oiled wood can be sanded off with stains and small scratches – a big advantage over other worktop materials. Sealing with lacquer is also possible. But lacquer gives the wood shine and takes away the natural feel of wood. Stains are best removed with mild detergents and soft cloths. In contrast to natural stone, countertops made of artificial stone such as quartz stone must not be impregnated because the impregnation does not move in and leaves stains. Likewise, no aggressive cleaning agents such as drain or oven cleaners, caustic soda or paint removers may be used for cleaning. Check our rotimatic reviews To know more information about rotimatic.

Different materials need different treatments

Worktops made of solid surface material are very easy to care for; cleaning with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent such as conventional household cleaners or mild abrasive milk is sufficient. Ceramic worktops are particularly easy to care for and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergents. Since the material is resistant to chemicals, acidic cleaning agents can also be used for cleaning. In contrast to natural stones, ceramics do not have to be impregnated.

The surface of Dekton is extremely dense, robust and resistant due to the production. Cleaning with water and neutral soap is sufficient. After cleaning, it should be wiped with a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth. Stainless steel worktops can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. There are also special stainless steel cleaners for more stubborn stains. Smaller scratches can be removed with scouring milk. Since glass worktops are not scratch-resistant, no abrasive rags or cleaning agents should be used for cleaning. A damp cloth is usually sufficient to remove stains and residues.

Price overview will help you a lot

Price overview provides an overview of how deep you have to dig into which worktop material. The cheapest material for a kitchen worktop is a plastic worktop made of laminate or laminate. Thanks to a large variety of lifelike decors, a plastic worktop gives you an inexpensive alternative to real wood, and natural stone. If you would like more naturalness to move into your kitchen, choose a worktop made of natural stone. Since there are numerous different natural stones, there is a wide range between the different prices. The situation is similar for wood worktops, where the price always depends on the type of wood.

You have to expect higher prices for worktops made of solid surface and artificial stone. These worktops are very robust and are located in the upper middle segment. The cost of artificial stone slabs is somewhat lower than that of solid surface slabs. If you want to invest a little more in the look of your new kitchen, choose ceramic or Dekton worktops. Due to the elegant look, ceramic or, Dekton panels are considered a small luxury in your own home, which comes at a price. Although ceramic is a little cheaper than Dekton.

Worktops made of stainless steel are very expensive. The benefits of stainless steel are as diverse as the costs of a stainless-steel worktop. The highest cost is for glass worktops. The special type of surface treatment gives the kitchen a very elegant and high-quality appearance, but you have to dig deep into your pocket.

Three basic kitchen design ideas

Unfortunately, we often fall into the trap when planning kitchens. But you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on a new kitchen. We have put together three basic kitchen projects that can also be implemented with manageable expenses.

White and wood – You can create a great mix of different materials and colors. White high-gloss fronts meet the brick wall, and wooden floor. A special highlight in this type of kitchen is the old wooden counter with matching stools, the seats of which are covered with fur. This creates an attractive ensemble that you are guaranteed not to see every day.

High contrast – As the saying goes “variety is half-life”. In kitchens, in which we cannot invest a lot of money, strong colors attract attention and shine. Playing with the colors black and red immerses this kitchen in an elegant atmosphere without appearing too bulky. In the morning you will definitely feel like starting the new day here.

Play with offset elements – An interesting effect in kitchens can be achieved if the different fronts are at different levels and heights, thus distracting from the quality of the tall units. Kitchen fronts often look very similar – regardless of whether they are expensive or inexpensive. Because the neutral color white is everyone’s favorite when it comes to kitchens. Your kitchen can be individually changed with a few loving details.

But remember, a smart kitchen is incomplete without smart appliances, and utensils. Do not forget to buy them. And, read Rotimatic Reviews online.

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