How to use 4 P’s to gear up your startup?

Being an Entrepreneur is the buzzword around the globe right now. Everyone wants to be the CEO of a company. With so much MBA’s in the world, everyone thinks that being a CEO is easy. Let me correct you first. Being a CEO is hard work, long hours, maximum pressure, and many sacrifices. If you know you can take all this, then this blog is for you. In this blog, I will be sharing the 4 P’s that every Entrepreneur needs to know before they start their business.

The 4 P’s for Entrepreneurs is for every one individual who is willing to succeed on the long-haul. At the surface they seem simple. However, once you dive in the deep sea of opportunities, there is no coming back. You can either go back to your 9-5 job or read this blog and take maximum advantage from it.

  • Purpose

Before you even start setting up a business, you need to ask yourself why you are starting the company in the first place. Is it to make much money, or is it to solve a problem. Once you got your purpose right, you will move on to doing something about it. You need to create a mission statement that is close to your heart. Every word needs to convey a message.

Once you are done with the mission of your company, it will get easy to pitch the company to the investors. Because you are clear about what you want with the company, you will be able to convey that message well.

  • Position

You enjoy everything about your company. Right from day-to-day activities to taking the big decision for your venture. Have you created a business that you love; if not, you need to start doing that. Rather than doing something you’re good at, do something that drives yours away from time and space.

Many of the businesses fail just because the founders lost interest in it. As of my friend Josh Davidson, you need to be very clear why are you creating the company and you need a solid business plan for your company. If you don’t have one, create one before you pitch your idea to the investors and also must read some stories for successful business startups to build confidence.

  • Pay

You’re not paid off what you plan for the company, and you are paid for what you’re worth. Your worth is defined by the work you do. Before you hire people you need to show them what you’re worth, and in the same way, you need them to know what they are worth too. You need to make them realize that they will be paid off what they are worth. Also, for that, they need to show what they are worth.

  • People

When you’re the employee rather than the owner, you can enjoy everything with your co-workers. However, once you become the owner you need to be very careful how to deal with your co-workers. Of course, you need to be very friendly when dealing with them. However, along with that, you need them to realize that you deserve respect. It would be best if you were close and at a distance at the same time.

While you may think that Entrepreneurship is the way up, you need to realize that you need to plans things well ahead of time. As an entrepreneur, you need to be very clear about what you want with your customers and your employees.

My friend who owns a digital marketing company started small and didn’t know anything about marketing. He followed these 4 P’s of marketing vigorously, and now he is doing pretty good. Don’t think even for a second that these are merely marketing gimmicks to dodge you towards failure. These are tested tips that have helped many Entrepreneurs.

On the endnote. These 4 P’s will help you achieve your goal. There are tried and tested P’s that worked for me and will work for you too if you apply them with good intention.

If you’re starting and don’t know why there are no sales, or your sales suddenly became still, this is how you’ll get out of the way. By following the 4 P’s correctly you’ll be able to grab the lion’s share and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

You can either get ahead of your competitors, or you can compete with them by changing the game altogether. You can follow the tips mentioned above and get a grasp on the competition. This is your chance to grow and make room for yourself.

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to scale your business as fast as you can. Also, this is how you will do it. To scale quickly, to grow as never before. This is your time to take the leap and move forward fast.

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