NeuralCam, Hidden Trax, Dark Noise, and other apps to check out this weekend



In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a camera app that specializes in low light photos, a podcast client that specializes in city tours and a hot new ambient noise app. And as always, we’ve selected two new games for you to check out.


NeuralCam is the Night Mode Apple should have built for the iPhone. The app allows you to capture vivid, brighter and clearer images in low light conditions without the need for trip or other equipment. Essentially it takes a number of photos at a time, and then uses complex algorithms to mesh the images together in order to create the perfect shot.

Download for $2.99

Hidden Trax

Here’s a really cool idea: Hidden Trax offers curated podcasts created by local legends that guide you through various cities. The app has GPS w/ tracking and a handsome maps interface, but obviously the real story here are the podcasts. There aren’t a ton of cities supported yet, but I felt this was still worth sharing now to get the word out.

Download for free

Dark Noise

Dark Noise is a simple yet powerful way to play ambient noise to help you sleep, focus or relax. Each of the 30+ high quality sounds features a delightfully animated icon that brings the sound to life. I know, there are a ton of these out there but this one has an incredible interface, no IAPs, and support for Siri Shortcuts and so much more.

Download for $3.99

Planet Pop 3D

Planet Pop 3D is an interesting game where you must….create planets. I’ll be honest, even after playing the game for myself I still don’t really know how to explain it. I guess it’s like an arcade-style game, with one-touch gameplay. You shoot an energy beam at planets to ‘build’ them and then—you know what, you’re just going to have to play it fir yourself.

Download for free

Trail Boss BMX

In Trail Boss, you must ride your bike through increasingly tricky levels while pulling off daring stunts, huge combos and putting your accuracy and skills to the test. Features include 40 hand-crafted 3D levels, 360 challenges, bike customization, and both achievements and leaderboards, so you can compete with friends for bragging rights.

Download for $3.99

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