Photo Map, Todo Now, ChatterBall and other apps to check out this weekend


This edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a new photos app for showcasing your travels, a minimal task manager and a new chat app for sports fans. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Photo Map

You’ve been to a lot of places and taken a lot of pictures. Photo Map uses your photo library to tell the story of the places you’ve visited and the adventures you’ve had. The app automatically scans your Photo Library to find photos from each of your trips and frames them into a collage shaped in the country they were taken. Supports the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and much more.

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Todo Now

Looking at a long list of tasks can be overwhelming, so Todo Now lets you swipe through your todo tasks one at a time. The app has two modes: List Mode, which works like a traditional todo list, and Focus Mode, which only shows you one task at a time. You swipe left to skip or right to mark it as complete. I love the simple, no frills interface—it’s a lot less intimidating than other apps.

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Chatterball is a sports-flavored chatroom app that enables you to watch the big game with other fans. Every game is its own chat thread, so you know you are talking live with other sports fans. Now I know there have been other apps like this, and they usual don’t pan out well, but I just really like the concept—it’s like a drilled-down version of Twitter for live sporting events. Plus it looks like the devs are really committed to continue adding new features.

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Word Hookup

Word Hook is a word search puzzler that adds a unique twist: letters aren’t necessarily right next to each other, which forces you to really map them mentally to form words. I know it sounds tough, but the game eases you into the mechanics and the difficulty slowly increases with progress. There’s no time limit, no Internet required and the graphics and sound effects are delightful.

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NBA 2K20

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