Upnest: How Americans are saving Millions on Home Sale and purchases

Have you heard of Upnest the modern real estate company that is helping home buyers and sellers save millions of dollars in real estate deals?

Gone are the days when real estate agents had the upper hand in commission negotiation. Upnest changed the status quo, home buyers are able to get connected to home sellers and save millions in their first purchase.

“I have been buying and selling houses for over twenty years now, realtors were getting the better of my deals through their commissions.” John Liu, a resident of Manhattan reported.

“Upnest was recommended to me by my wife’s friend, and since I was planning on selling my house in Manhattan, I decided to check it out” Liu said with a sigh.

“After signing up, I was able to interview several agents within 24 hours, I did not know that there were so many agents around my house, and the best thing is that I was able to control my agents. I choose the one with the most experience and with the least commission.” Liu continued.

“Within 48 hours we managed to sell the house, and what astonished me was the fact that I was able to save significantly on realtor commission. This was not my first time working with an agent, so I know the difference, I saved a lot” Liu remarked as he finalized the interview.

John Liu is just one of the many cases of Americans who have benefited through Upnest to land great deals in real estate.

Here is an explanation of how Americans are saving through Upnest.

Realtors are necessary.

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Some people have tried to get realtors out of the home buying or selling process, however, at some point, the agent still gets into the picture. For instance, if you are selling a house, you do not know a buyer, you need someone who knows several buyers to connect you. Even if you have one buyer, you need several offers to finally make a sale. The same applies to the buying process, you need a connection to several home sellers so that you will have options for the best home that matches your preference. 

Upnest only provides a platform where you can get realtors at a lower commission. Upnest also makes sure that you get the most experienced realtors in your area. Traditionally, realtors dictated the commission they got out of the sale or purchase, however, Upnest turned the tables and gave the home buyer and seller the opportunity to have many agents at their disposal, so agents reduced their commission to have a chance of landing clients.  

Traditionally, real estate agents used to get up to 10% of the value of the property, which is a lot of money, however, the rate was reduced to as low as 1% of the property value with Upnest realtors. Some agents will even charge lower. This is how Upnest changed the real estate industry, home buyers and sellers save so much in the home buying and selling process.

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