What do you mean by proctoring, and why is it needed?

Many colleges and schools are concerned with malpractice cases during online tests. The advanced technologies in this area are not yet known to them. When you chose the right form of the surveillance program, it is now possible to perform online examinations equally without giving you scope for malpractices. This means that students cannot use the device to browse or do other tasks during the test. The exam window is visible only, and the students must activate their webcams during the examination. This enables proctoring solution to monitor students from remote locations.

Using the proctoring tools developed by reputed firms, students can also be controlled remotely. They are specifically developed for this purpose, and during the tests, the software uses advanced algorithms to identify the movement of learners and browser behavior. In this way, if any other person is present in the place or if the student moves away from the computer, the program will immediately alert the authorities concerned. It will be able to take appropriate action against the students. The software is also widely used to conduct online interviews by several renowned firms around the world. Thousands of such examinations are done around the world every day using such remote monitoring devices. You may also use them as an optimal manner to perform online tests correctly.

Identify the students

The first process of conducting online exams starts with the candidates being named. In certain cases, by placing another person in their place to take the exams, students could cheat. In traditional tests, where students fake their names, this is often observed. With online tests, though, those problems are almost unlikely when you have the help of advanced applications developed by respectable corporations. After submitting an identity card and other relevant documents, the program will identify the candidates. Besides that, only after verifying the students’ identities can it also give the OTP to login to the exam window. In this way, the method cannot locate openings, and any other applicants are unable to take the exams in place of the initial candidate.

Make good quality webcams a must-have thing

Students have to use webcams to successfully take online tests so that the invigilators can view them in person and recognize them. The students ought to use high-quality webcams that, during the exams, clearly display their face to the invigilators. In this respect, you should recommend a minimum requirement and exclude those applicants who do not follow the guidelines necessary. In this way, during the tests, you can block all the options for malpractice with live proctoring. To recognize the students’ actions during the tests, this is often important because invigilators may be able to detect unusual motion in the vicinity.

Restrict the use of smartphones

In certain cases, students can attempt to use smartphones or other devices to get support during online tests. During the tests, you need to search for those items and ensure that students in the area don’t have access to them. The automatic detection system lets you recognize such things, and with the assistance of the Artificial Intelligence software, you can quickly notice whether students are attempting to use such things.

Check that the candidate is alone or not.

Students may try to use the support of friends or family members to support them with the answers to taking online exams. You have to make sure that they are alone in the room when taking the exam in this case. The camera will allow you to search for other participants’ involvement. If it detects another human’s movement in the area, the device is wise enough to cause an alert.

No other browser must be used. 

It is important to limit browser access for students during exam proctoring. In this way, aside from answering the exam window questions, students can not use the internet for any other reason. It is well known that students use online materials to answer questions when certain strategies are not used during tests, and they can also get responses from friends through online mode. The browser access is limited to avoid this abuse of the internet during tests, and the device is only locked to the test window before the session is finished. The program may identify any other activity on the device, and the appropriate guards will be alerted to this violation in real-time.

Keep a check on internet usage.

Even after limiting browser access, it is important to track internet use in the method used for taking the test. The app will cause an alarm if there is any unusual traffic from other sites as you examine the internet traffic on the candidate’s device during the test. You will take appropriate action against the candidate in this manner. With such remote monitoring systems used for conducting online exams and interviews, this is a sophisticated technology.

You can also try to record the exam.

Finally, for later evidence, you need to log the student’s whole session taking the test. In certain ways, this will benefit you. To start with, after reviewing all the responses manually, if you wish to submit results later, you can track the video once again and check if there is any cause for suspicion. Besides that, you can also use this at a later stage as training material for your invigilators to identify instances of malpractice. In this way, they will be alert in the future about such things. Organizations use the same technique as they recruit employees via online interviews. They save those videos to prepare the human resources staff in an efficient way to perform online interviews.

These are some of the ways in which the proctors can carry out online examinations without any hassles. They not only will help you in accessing but this will also be fair for all. Just a little bit of vigilance and the right candidates can get the best outcomes.

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