Now Apple is selling Xbox One controllers

Apple has quite recently conveyed Apple Arcade over the scope of its gadgets from iPhones to MacBooks running iOS 13 or macOS 10.15 Catalina. Apple TVs and iPads running the most recent working frameworks are likewise upheld. Also, to offer an improved gaming background Apple has begun selling a remote controller straightforwardly on its site, however for some odd reason it is none other than Microsoft’s Xbox One Wireless controller.This traverse among Apple and Microsoft is an inquisitive obscuring of lines between two organizations that are regularly fighting to put out the best items. In any case, for this situation, it shows up Apple has surrendered, recognizing Microsoft has the best gaming controller (a position we concur with) without endeavoring to make an Apple-marked controller.

A major push into gaming or a timid first step?

Apple had a long presentation on Apple Arcade when more was shown off during the iPhone 11 launch earlier this year. It showed off a ton of games, though we can’t say its choice to start off the showcase with Frogger was well conceived. All the same, the company seemed to be demonstrating an interest in using its platform on computers, tablets, phones and TV set-top boxes to deliver a best-in-class gaming experience.

Some of the games Apple has for Apple Arcade are impressive looking, such as the almost-too-Zelda-esque series Oceanhorn. But, there’s a notable lack of big, AAA titles. Meanwhile, initiatives like Google Stadia (which isn’t even live yet!) have bigger titles coming, broad device support and a custom controller.

Apple’s decision to sell the Xbox controller alongside the launch of Apple Arcade makes it feel like Apple isn’t quite so certain about the platform. Especially since Apple could surely derive a premium for a controller designed in-house.

But, on the plus side, this means Apple Arcade users have the option of a tried-and-true controller. And, it gets even better when we consider that the Xbox controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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