7 Best Budgeting Software

The finance teams need budgeting software to perform finance-related tasks and accounting efficiently. All the financial processes get convenient and easy with the use of budgeting software. The handling of simple single-entry applications to complex double-entry apps get easier, thanks to the budgeting software. It helps in managing the work without much manual effort. Moreover, the calculations done by budgeting software are more accurate than manual calculations. This software enables you to see the transaction results in order to check your budget regularly. In addition to this, it aids in metadata management. We have come up with 7 best budgeting software out there.

The accuracy can also be increased by the removal of tight deadlines and human mistakes. This increases the positive ratings of the business. The software also forecasts sales and costs based on records due to its fast algorithm. You will find numerous efficient budgeting software in the market, but we’ve picked the 7 best budgeting software to make the task easier for you. Without any further ado, let us have a look at them and explore their amazing features.

  1. Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex is a free and open-source finance tool. This budgeting software’s basic purpose is to keep track of where, when, and how much you’re investing. Basically, it tracks the money. You can keep a check on all your expenses and determine your financial worth through it. User-friendliness and simplicity are two basic factors of this budgeting tool. You can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

Talking about this budgeting software’s functionality, it’s effortless and highly professional finance budgeting software. If you’re looking for a tool that makes your life easiest and most straightforward, trust me, Money Manager Ex is the one for you. You can make separate financial heads, set reminders, and notifications for bill payments, import data from one place to another, generate summary in the form of graphs or tables. In short, Money Manager Ex has all the salient features required for the efficient working of your financial management.

  1. Buxfer

If you hate your expenses and debts’ manual management, we have picked out an online financial management tool for you. Like the other 7 best budgeting software, Buxfer has some incredible features that make it one of the best picks. You can manage all your accounts and spend them in one place. Buxfer comes as an iPhone app as well, which makes the management pretty easier for you. It allows you to track your expenses and keep a record of all your spending to know how much you owe someone.

The best thing about Buxfer is that it’s free from any installation and downloading. As it’s available online, so you can access it anytime, anywhere without any hassle. Some features of Buxfer include finance management, cash flow budgeting, cash flow forecasting, reminders and notification system, and the record of usual household expenses. Buxfer also allows automatic sync with the online banking system and enables you to transact money manually.

  1. MoneyTrackin

MoneyTrackin is another efficient budgeting software that makes your financial management pretty easier and your life convenient. The best thing about MoneyTrackin is that it’s based on the accounting principles approved by International Accounting Standard Boards and is generally accepted. Like most budgeting software tools, MoneyTrackin is also an online service and is completely free of cost. This software keeps a record of your income and enables you to track all the money that’s coming to you and going away from you. You can manage your transactions easily through this budgeting software.

In addition to its use to manage personal expenses, MoneyTrackin can also be used for small businesses. It enables you to know how much money you are spending on which thing you need to hold your hand a bit. You can set your goals related to finance, particularly the saving goals, thanks to MoneyTrackin. Moreover, you can track your shared expenses with the use of this tool as well. In short, this budgeting software is a great companion of yours.

  1. Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is developed by Microsoft and is one of the most efficient personal finance managers. It comes with the capabilities of creating budgets, tracking expenses, and viewing bank account details. Microsoft Money is specially designed for Windows and has all the features you want in budgeting software. You can get a hold of your expenses and financial worth through Microsoft Money.

The Interface of this software is user-friendly, which makes it the best choice for all people. You don’t need to be efficient in technology in order to make good use of this software. Once you set up your account in the program, you’ll be able to transfer your money from one account to another without any hassle. It gives you a summary of your spending with the display of charts, graphs, reports, etc. All the excellent features of this software make it the top choice for everyone.

  1. HomeBank


If you do not like all that hassle of managing the account and buying certain tools, HomeBank should be the pick. It is a free tool that manages accounts efficiently. This budgeting software is present all around the globe and is available in almost 50 languages. The easy to use and customizable features of this budgeting software make it one of its kind.

Like MoneyTrackin, HomeBank is also based on principles approved by the International Accounting Standard Boards. You can view your financial status clearly by using this tool. It allows you to set your financial goals, keep a record of your spending, and determine which thing requires more consideration than others. In simple words, HomeBank has all the features that will make accounting easier for you.

  1. Squirrel

Squirrel is an efficient budgeting software and works well with the Mac OS X operating system. It allows the users to organize their transactions comprehensively and keep track of all their finances. You can manage various accounts in one place with the help of Squirrel.

Squirrel is highly customizable, which makes the process of management of finance pretty easier. Moreover, it gives you full control when it comes to management. You will be able to make folders of all accounts separately and attach the related files with them. Some squirrel features include management of account, availability of multiple currencies, tracking the balance, importing accounts, integration with other bank accounts, syncing with different devices, etc. Squirrel allows users to manage their financial life in a new way.

  1. SmartAmount

SmartAmount is another efficient budgeting software that we have picked out for you among the 7 best budgeting software. It makes the process of personal finance management easier and convenient. SmartAmount is the solution to all your problems regarding money management. The best thing about this tool that sets it apart from all other budgeting software out there is that it focuses not only on the revenue and income but also on keeping a record of your day-to-day spending and financial transactions. You can track your investments and their outcomes through this efficient budgeting tool.

It is a free online management tool that can be accessed from any place at any time. It will enable you to make your plans regarding finance. SmartAmount makes budget planning easier for you. If you’re looking for software that helps you out with the achievement of your saving goals, you should go for SmartAmount.

Budgeting Software is Bonny!

If you want to reduce your life’s manual effort, budgeting software is the best thing to serve this purpose. Honestly, there is no point in investing your time in finance management when you have such amazing software in the market. So, choose one that works the best for you and make your life easygoing.

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