Apple seeds second iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 betas to developers


Apple this week is seeding the latest beta of iOS 13.1, the first major update to the forthcoming iOS 13.

iOS 13 is not out yet, but that’s not stopping Apple from testing out a pre-release version of the mobile operating system’s first major update. On Tuesday, the company has officially seeded the second beta of iOS 13.1 to developers. As is par for the course, the software should not be installed on a daily driver, but instead reserved for a secondary device just in case there are any performance issues in the software.

The beta of iOS 13.1 is available now for developers. They will need to have the appropriate profile downloaded on their test device or devices to be able to download and install the software. For those who already have the iOS 13 beta running on their device, the iOS 13.1 beta will automatically show up as an over-the-air update.

iPadOS’s own corresponding beta is also available for developers. The update process is the same as iOS 13.1, but obviously meant for iPads.

As far as what Apple is changing with iOS 13.1, it’s all about bringing back features the company took out in iOS 13. That includes the ability to share your ETA with friends and family through the Apple Maps app, Shortcuts Automations is making a return, there is a dedicated icon for AirPods while adjusting volume, and new HomeKit icons.

There are also performance improvements as usual.

iOS 13.1 (and the first major update to iPadOS) will launch sometime after the public release of iOS 13, which will more than likely launch near the end of September.

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