10 Best Plex Plugins And Channels You Should Install 2021

Plex is a media server that lets you store and view all of your media files from anywhere on the planet. Videos, music files, photographs, and other web services are all included. Plex plugins and channels can be used to enhance the functionality of your media server. Plex plugins are an internet-enabled media player for those who wish to watch content from the comfort of their own homes.

The library may be accessed from any location thanks to the client-based server, which will keep you delighted. Plex plugins improve the media server’s functionality by expanding on its already impressive features and making it even more useful.

10 Best Plex Plugins & Plex Channels

Plex is a fantastic app. By enhancing its features and altering the interface to meet your personal needs, you may make it as good as any other popular app in this category. We’ve created a list of the finest Plex plugins and channels that enhance the software’s appeal, utility, and overall quality. The first section contains a list of must-have Plex plugins, followed by a list of the top Plex channels to watch.


Because it synchronises all of your viewing history, ratings, and playback progress, is one of the best Plex Plugins. Whether it’s a TV episode or a movie, keeps track of it all. Kodi, MediaPortal, Emby, and Infuse data can all be synced.



Install this add-on and leave it to work for those who are familiar with IPTV. Several television networks use IPTV to transmit their programming. As long as the resources aren’t geo-blocked, this plugin can let you get access to them all. It translates live stream URLs from a m3u file to a Plex-compatible format. Before installing and utilising IPTV, it’s a good idea to do some study.

2. Transmogrify


If you use Plex through a web browser, Transmogrify is one of the most useful Plex plugins.
It’s a browser extension with a lot of features. Among these are options for seeing movie trailers, finding missing shows and episodes, and visiting the Rotten Tomatoes page for movies.

You can include a ‘Can I Stream It’ widget on the movie pages. If you want to learn everything there is to know about your favourite actors, this add-on allows you to study the actor profile and cast members of a movie.

3. Tautulli


Tautulli (previously PlexPy) is a Plex add-on that allows users to share their Plex collection with relatives and friends. It displays Plex server statistics, which are statistics about the shows you’ve watched. These include details like the date and number of times you viewed the video.

When you enable alerts, everyone will receive notifications about new content or additions. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand fashion using tables and pictures. Tautilli is an excellent Plex plugin for managing content, monitoring server activity, and viewing statistics.

4. WebTools (Unsupported AppStore)


One of Plex’s most popular and essential plugins is WebTools. There are now three modules in the WebTools plugin: UAS (Unsupported App Store), TechInfo, and PlayList.
Installing this add-on may be a challenge depending on your operating system. You must first read the online documentation before beginning to use WebTools. If you need an effective tool to administer and arrange your Plex Media server, WebTools should be on your list of Plex plugins.

5. Sub-Zero

sub zero

Sub-Zero, one of the best Plex plugins, can convert your media library into subtitles. It’s a metadata agent and UI plugin for Plex Media Server. It looks for the best match and download site among ten distinct subtitle supplier websites and APIs.

The matching is finished after looking at the file names of your media files and using an algorithm to award a score to each subtitle. You’ve been assigned the highest-scoring subtitle. You can also select the location on the Sub-Zero where the subtitles should be saved.

6. Plex2Netflix


If your hard drive is running out of space, Plex2Netflix can help. Even though Netflix isn’t available on Plex, you may still monitor how much Plex material is left over while watching Netflix. Using the Plex Web API, it fetches a list of all the media in the selected library area.
You can also remove some unwanted content from the media content to free up some space.

7. Plex Export

It creates an HTML page with information on the Plex library’s contents. The page can be shared publicly without access to the originating server. With a single click, you can get further information. Live filtering is available in each area. One of the best Plex plugins, Plex Export, allows you to lazy-load photographs while also obtaining additional information such as ratings and release year.

8. TheaterTrailers


TheaterTrailers is an excellent Plex Plugin for movie buffs who don’t want to miss out on new trailers. TheaterTrailers uses youtube-dl to download trailers from YouTube automatically. This Plex add-on gives you a movie theatre experience by adding unreleased movie trailers to your collection.

9. Plex Sync

plex sync

Plex Sync is one of the best Plex plugins, and it’s a must-have if you have many Plex servers in different parts of the world. It synchronises the user’s whole device set.
It synchronises Plex users’ watch statistics.

If you’re watching anything on a single server with a family member and wish to watch it later from a separate location, use this plugin. It will ensure that several servers are synchronised so that you may pick up where you left off on any device.

10. Kitana


Kitana, one of Plex’s most popular plugins, gained popularity after Plex decided to remove plugins from the server’s front-end and media player apps. All of the other plugins are exceedingly easy to install, delete, and manage thanks to Kitana. Users can automate the sideloading process using the plugin’s web-based interface.

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