What is Amazon Prime? Packages, Features, and a lot more

Amazon was first launched in February 2005 in the US. Basically, the purpose of amazon was shopping. It was made for the shipping of multiple things made on amazon. Variety of things were shipped in approximately two days. Another feature is that the customer has no restrictions for shipping. In other words, no minimum amount was fixed for shipping. Meantime the company continues to add more features to this platform. One of the most popular features is the company added access to different movies and TV series. For this purpose, they invented Amazon Prime Video. Other features include storage options. We have come up with the answer to the most asked question, “What is Amazon Prime? Packages, Features, and a lot more.”

In order to access Amazon Prime, we have only one way, which is its subscription. Unlike other platforms that have monthly subscriptions, Amazon Prime Video has a Yearly Subscription. A yearly subscription fee was $79 a year in 2014, which exceeded $119 in 2018. This subscription is available at this time also. It is said that Amazon Prime has hit more than 100 Million subscribers all over the globe. Amazon Prime is available in only 18 countries till now. If we want a monthly subscription, it costs $12.99 a month.

There is a special package for students in Amazon Prime. A student can sign up for a free trial having a duration of six-months. But in the meantime, he/she cannot access Amazon Prime Video and some other amazing features of Amazon Prime. But after six-months, he/she has to pay $60, after which they can access every amazing feature of Amazon Prime. Speaking of this package’s duration, a student package is available at the time limit of graduation or simply a time of 4 Years, depending on the fact that whichever thing comes first.

Features of Amazon Prime


The main feature of Amazon Prime is its delivery facilities. Amazon Prime is very customer friendly for delivery purposes. One can get his/her shipping within two days, independent of which thing other with the two-day shipping feature’s help. There is another feature known by the name of a one-day shipping feature. In this facility, one can get shipping in one day independent of things ordered. In some cities, customers can get shipping the same day they ordered. This is likely to happen if we order before noon.

Another feature is Prime now. This is available in very few cities. If this is available in your city, you can get things you ordered within two hours. This is one of the fantastic features which is mostly used for groceries. But if you don’t have an emergency in getting your shipping, you should wait for it. In this way, you can avoid shipping charges.

Amazon Prime Video

One of Amazon Prime features is a video streaming platform known by the name of Amazon Prime Video. This platform consists of over 100 different streaming channels. Members of Amazon Prime can watch movies or TV series at a huge rate. There is another feature of Amazon Prime video in which one can rent movies or TV series which are not available in the Premium subscription of Amazon Prime. The library of Amazon Prime is expanding day by day with newer content.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is a music platform for Amazon Prime subscribers to access music without facing any ads. This consists of approx 2 Million songs. Members of Amazon Prime can also access thousands of stations other than these 2 Million songs. There are also some top playlists present for these members. We can also access Amazon Music, which contains about 50 Million Songs.

Twitch Prime

This feature of Amazon Prime is specifically for gamers. Subscribers of Amazon Prime get access to Twitch Prime to access free games and in-game content. The subscribers are also provided with a platform through which they can broadcast themselves. One can stream their gaming online and can make a whole lot of online friends. Members of twitch are also provided with a chatroom to interact with persons watching their stream. Twitch also provides us with the facility of watching professional players playing games on their own streams. A person who is very interested in online games can watch and learn from these professional players. As mentioned above, we can ask questions about techniques of playing in the comment box of the provided chatroom. Usually, these streamers have a lot of friends in their squads. Friends can be with them sitting on the couch or any other person world-wide.

Amazon Photos

Memories have always been a vital part of all human beings. We spend most of our lives making memories. There are many ways to save our memories. But the most latest or modern method is soft form. By soft form, I mean photos, videos, documents, etc. Amazon Prime is also helping us with this thing. Amazon Prime is providing its users with unlimited storage for photos. We can share, save and print photos after saving in Amazon Prime once.

Once you store your photos in Amazon Photos, you can delete your device’s photos to save space. Other than photos, Amazon Photos is also providing us 5GB of space for other data like videos, documents, and other files. We can also backup our data to the cloud after saving it to Amazon Photos.

Food Offers in Amazon Prime

There is an app present in the market by the name of Whole Foods. This helps us to get discounts on food prices. Usually, people have coupons for getting discounts on food prices.

Whole Foods works in a very similar way. But it’s subscription includes some places that are not available with others. This also works for grocery purposes. The buyer is provided with the location of grocery stores. An additional feature is also present, which is the order facility. One can order groceries from any store available in the Amazon subscription and pick orders within one hour or more.

Visa Card Cash Back

Amazon Prime subscribers are also facilitated with Visa Card rewards. Visa Card rewards include cash back at buying. Subscribers are provided with a cashback of up to five per cent on buying products online from Amazon Prime. Other discounts are also available for couples for diapers of children and other stuff. Any Amazon Prime member can get early access to as compared to others.

Amazon Prime members can share their benefits or discounts with other people holding membership. These benefits include free shipping services and many other things.

Amazon Prime is Amazing!

Amazon Prime has got amazing deals and packages for its users and provide them with much-needed entertainment. If you have not experienced it yet, what are you waiting for? Get a budget-friendly subscription package and enjoy your favourite shows whenever you want!





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