Bitdefender Small Office Security: Next-Gen Digital Security

A number of small businesses often use free antivirus software programs as they cannot afford the cost of powerful yet expensive antivirus solutions. This puts them at risk of malware, trojans and other malicious attacks as free antivirus solutions comes with limited capabilities. Bitdefender has come up with its Small Office Security solution that can help small businesses get total protection for their office hardware, to prevent data breaches and secure their clients’ financial and personal data. Let’s learn more about it.

About Small Office Security

Bitdefender brings the most robust and cost-effective security for small business that operates on 5 to 20 Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices where you want to enhance security, prevent data loss, or prevent malware or hackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities in the network. Device management can be done easily from their Central, provided the administrator has logged in using the credentials used to acquire the subscription.

Small Office Security suite also includes different products:

  • Total Security: It offers protection against malware, ransomware and other malicious attacks on Windows-based laptops and PCs.

  • Antivirus for Mac: It protects devices running on macOS.

  • Mobile Security for iOS: It protects iOS-based smartphones and tablets against malicious attacks.

  • Mobile Security for Android: All Android devices such as smartphones or tablets stay protected against online threats and malware.

You can monitor each and every device associated with your subscription and check which device is at risk and what needs to be fixed inside your dashboard.

It even gives you a clear picture of how many threats were blocked in last 24 hours and in last 7 days, tells you the top devices with threats blocked, top users with threat blocks and other information.

Benefits Offered by Small Office Security

With this Small Office Security solution, you get the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remediate even the latest cyberthreats. Some of the major benefits offered by it are as follows:

  • Complete Protection for your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android Device: It keeps your business safe against all the latest cyberthreats and ransomware. It is the most efficient antivirus software that comes with network threat protection, advanced threat defense, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, antispam, multi-layer ransomware protection, autopilot mode and many other indispensable features.
  • Data Breach Protection: Regardless or size, experience or volume of your business, you need to have the best defense against fraud. The software prevents data breaches and safeguards your clients’ financial and personal data.
  • Easy Installation and Management: It takes less than 5 minutes to install it on your system. The highly intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to install, configure and personalize the software according to your business needs. It provides a single management console and requires no skills to manage the admin console.
  • Secure VPN and Safe Online Banking: It provides 200MB of daily VPN traffic for fast and secure online surfing keeping your business private. This also helps in protecting your bank information, passwords and downloads from the hackers, especially when you are using Wi-Fi over public networks. Moreover, it processes your payments on a safe dedicated browser preventing fraud and financial data theft.





If you have decided to extend your free trial, you can buy the Small Office security solution at as low as $74.99/year for 10 devices. The prices vary for 5 devices, 20 devices and on basis of number of years you are buying the subscription for.





Digital Identity Protection


Your private data must stay private. With Bitdefender’s digital identity protection, you can find if your personal data was ever exposed and receive instant alerts about any breaches. Also discover if your digital footprints put your online reputation on stake. You can add 3 phone numbers and 5 email addresses to monitor. It allows you to get real-time alerts in case your identity gets compromised.

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