Can Utopia Claim To Be The Best Encrypted Messenger?

Oh, the times! We are being watched, our private communication is being analyzed, our personal data is being intercepted by the whole world – our governments, big corporations, spouses. The natural outcome – we develop means for hiding ourselves from outside parties. Thus, we create Telegram, Signal, Wire, Kakao Talk, and others. But still, none of them is perfect. That’s why I’m continually prowling around in search of the most secure messenger.

Recently, I’ve come across the article in one of the crypto-publications which announced the beta launch of a new peer-to-peer project – Utopia. It made me curious, and I decided to test it too. Now I’m sharing my observations.

Read the review up to the end to learn whether Utopia can be called best encrypted messenger!

What is Utopia?

As I said, Utopia is a P2P project, to be precise, it is a decentralized ecosystem which gathers all the necessary services ranging from secure messenger to browser and own alternative to DNS in one dashboard. It uses several levels of encryption to ensure the most secure and anonymous online experience. The devs from London have been developing it for more than 5 years, so that added intrigue.

As an encrypted messenger is an integral part of this network, I will consider the whole ecosystem. Let’s see what it promises.

For your information, the Utopia beta testing is still ongoing, so everyone willing to test it too can participate –

Utopia characteristics


Utopia ecosystem presents the highest level of decentralization – peer-to-peer. In layman’s term, there is no central server – the absence of a single control center and a single point of failure. Thus, every user (peer) of such a network is simultaneously client and server. Your personal info isn’t stored at a third-party server but on your own local device storage. Message wiretapping is hardly possible.

Utopia applies several layers of encryption using combine methods.

  • Elliptic curves. Each of your messages will be encoded by default. Two levels of advanced encryption on elliptical curves are used. Encryption is processed in the authentication mode using the libsodium library and the encryption algorithm with Public Key.
  • Temporary keys are used for upper level on encryption.

You can be sure that each your message will be decrypted only by the receiver. Nobody else can read it. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

The anonymity is provided and maintained by the ecosystem itself. Each node is both client and server.

The registration in the network is anonymous – you can create an acc, send messages and files without revealing who you are.

Hashing of the addresses of the sender and the receiver is conducted.

Thus, privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data, traffic data, and communications content is achieved as well as the absence of censorship and other restrictions.


The messenger looks like traditional: it offers familiar features like text and voice messages (all encrypted), group chats, and channels. What’s great is that channels can be geotagged with integrated uMaps. That makes the search convenient.


Browser. Utopia Idyll browser is claimed to be a great alternative to Tor. With it, you can surf the websites in the Utopia network freely and anonymously.

Email. uMail is also a built-in part of the ecosystem. With it, you can send as many messages as you want and attach files without the threat of surveillance.

Utopia Email

Wallet. uWallet enables you to manage your finances efficiently. You can conduct and receive payments in Crypton – Utopia own cryptocurrency, protected against market volatility. It’s minable through routing packets within the system every 15 minutes.

Utopia Wallet

API. API allows creating add-ons and apps that would interact with the ecosystem. It broadens the possibilities of users and developers to implement anonymous and secure solutions on the network.

There are much more gimmicks of the ecosystem: organizers, games, stickers, and other tools which you will find both amusing and useful.


The concept of platforms is already outdated. Today is the time of ecosystems. They provide a functionally complete product which can replace all the apps that you use daily. Thus, the convenience is provided as you don’t have to switch between platforms.

Moreover, the interface of Utopia is simple and understandable and allows to use the ecosystem without studying the tons of manual guides.

Verdict: Is Utopia the Best Encrypted Messenger?

Utopia Messenger is a new but quality product which can easily compete with already famous encrypted messengers. But can we talk loudly that it is the best one?

I can’t say for sure as it’s only in its Beta stage and still have some drawbacks – you can send messages to the users who are not online. Moreover, the total absence of censorship is not always right.

Though it doesn’t change the fact that the network worth attention. The overall impression of the ecosystem was extremely positive. I believe that all its advantages overshadow these two drawbacks. These are:

  • peer-to-peer network;
  • multi-level encryption;
  • anonymous registration;
  • vast functionality;
  • user-friendliness.

At the end of the day, It’s your choice, I can’t decide for you. Test it, and find the best encrypted messenger for yourself.

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