Top 5 Best Landing Page Builders To make a One Page Website

Running a prosperous digital marketing campaign is not an easy – reason being it never got its exact formula. However, focusing on certain key elements can reach you there or at least closer. It all begins with the type of website you create and most importantly the lading pages. What information you put on your landing page plus its design will determine whether or not you will be attracting massive traffic to your site.

On the other hand, setting up a high traffic attracting landing page is never a walk in the park. You need to put priority into particular information and organize them in the correct style. First, they should be simple and easy to browse through. Secondly, and most importantly, they should have a call to a particular action. It could be either signing up for something, making a purchase or clicking a specific link or any other – you can devise a way to make yours more engaging.

If you face problems in all these, do not worry. It is quite fortunate that there exist highly reputable landing page builders you can always work with. As expected, they are never equal in their performance. In this review, however, we have selected the top best ones based on their great features and quality performance.

1. Unbounce Landing Page Builder

Unbounce bears a great name when it comes to offering tangible solutions in digital marketing. The come with an easy to use Landing Page Builder, which is quite well-matched with WordPress. Thus, it remains to be the best for all DIY marketers – regardless of their levels.  They offer hosting plans bust still you can choose to do so on your own as well.

2. InstaPage Page Builder

InstaPage is another advancing landing page builder with such spectacular features. It is fast and quite reliable to use. Inexperience persons though tend to find it challenging to utilize. Out of its great versatility, it can replicate the layout of a website you like and make it a usable template.

It only allows hosting through its Enterprise Plan, but still, you can do your hosting.

Optimization Features

For this builder, lots of its features allow testing options but remember not all are available in the basic package. Its general features include;

3. OptimizePress

The OptimizePress is also a great landing page builder you would want to try out. It is highly compatible with both WordPress and OptimizePress. Its major differentiating factor is that it does not host. It also allows the creation of a client’s portal from where customers may access certain vital information.

Optimization Features

OptimizePress comes with lots of optimization options. Compared to other tools in their listing, it comes with a little lesser. These features comprise:

  • Premium Blogging Platform
  • Responsiveness – Yes
  • Over reusable 30 templates
  • Real-time editing
  • Security for both client as well as employee’s portals
  • Customization

On WordPress, this tool offers varied customization options you will need for a most engaging landing page.  Besides other things, you will be able to create webinars, marketing, training, sales, and other relevant pages. Also, you will be able to develop secure portals for both clients and customers if you wish.

  • Analytics – Yes
  • OptimizePress allows the connection between your landing pages and Google Analytics such that you will be able to keep track of their performances.
  • Unique Features
  • Creates secure user portals
  • Available in plugin/ theme format
  • Add up to 40 performance elements
  • Fully responsive
  • Allows extensive integration with numerous platforms and tools
  • Payment: Begins at $97 for every month.

4. Thrive Architect

This is a full toolbox you need in designing your website for quick digital marketing success.  It works with WordPress as a plugin and designed high conversion rate landing pages within no time.

Charges: One-time payment of $67 for 1 License. However, larger packages are available too.

5. Hubspot Landing Pages

Hubspot is one of the most prominent brands most successful companies, and individual businesses have embraced. It is best for automating marketing campaigns thus easing all the marketing efforts by online marketers. One of its main functionality is creating best dedicated landing pages with significant influence towards the call for action.

Hosting – Yes

Hubspot gives the option for clients to host their website with it. You can look at their guide, “going live” for more information.

Optimization Features

  • Performs A/B testing
  • Customize content – it uses criteria such as location to do this.
  • Image insertion/ linking
  • Calls-to-Action inclusion
  • Create forms/ CTAs
  • Quick loading time for built landing pages
  • Integrate with all major tools/  platforms
  • Responsiveness – Yes
  • Customization
  • Its highly advanced features allow multiple customizations on your site.
  • Analytics – Yes
  • If not through its dashboard, you can check performance via Google Analytics.

Unique Features

  • Track statistics through Analytics
  • Connects to Hubspot CRM
  • Local/ independent hosting
  • Display personalized content based on device, location, and more
  • A/B Testing capabilities

Charges: It comes with a premium charge rate of $200 Per Month in its least package.

Final Remarks

Depending on the kind of business you ran, your budget, preferences, and any other relevant considerations, you can choose any of these tools. They will help you build such a highly converting rate landing pages for your sites.

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