Everything you Need to Know about Node. JS Course Certification

Want to be an expert in building JavaScript web applications? Then, you have come to the right place. Here you will get all details on the Node. JS course and make the right decision. You can then get certified with the Node JS course and learn the creation of complex data-centric web applications.

About Node JS 

Node.js is known as an open-source platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime ecosystem to build scalable and fast networking applications. This application is written in a programming language of JavaScript and can run on platforms like – Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix.

What Node JS Certification is all about?

This certification course allows learning on stream, events, modules, express js, REST, and other areas. Through this certification course, you will get to learn the process of building scalable, advanced, and high-performed web applications. You will be provided with an interactive instructor during training for 20 hours.

Purpose of Learning Node JS

Node.js is now being considered as a real-time web application that has created a periphery over other applications due to its unique form of push technology. This technology creates communication between server and client and allows them to exchange data. Node.js runs on JavaScript and is regarded as a scalable, lightweight, flexible, and easily maintained technology. All of these factors have thus made it quite popular among developers.

What do you get to learn?

  • Asynchronous Programming – Learn different techniques of asynchronous code.
  • Dependency Management – Learn processes of installing, updating & uninstalling any node packages with npm.
  • Events & Streams – Gain knowledge on the way of working with events and stream in terms of non-blocking i/o.
  • Develop Web application and API – Understand the process of developing APIs &web applications using express framework.
  • Securing Web – Learn the process of securing APIs and web applications utilizing JWT & passport.
  • Templating – Utilization process of jade template in express applications.
  • Real-time communication – learn to develop real-time applications using
  • Unit testing – Learn how to perform unit test code with chai and mocha.
  • Deployment – Learn deployment and making process of node apps with process managers and clustering method.

Who can get this Certification?

  • Individuals who tend to work and launch Node applications and become a Node developer.
  • If a person wants to learn modern techniques of server-side web development features and applies them to apps.
  • Individuals intending to utilize node.js to build scalable and robust backend applications.
  • Applicants wishing to have a career in Backend Web Application development.

Prerequisites for Certification Course

  • Individuals need to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS skills, intermediate skills in JavaScript, and experience in server-side programming (not mandatory).
  • Certain system requirements like Windows 8 or 10 or any similar latest version OS, 4 GB RAM, and 10 GB free spaces.
  • Proper permission requirements to access the internet to the NPM ecosystem and elevate the privileges to install node.js module systems.
  • Lastly, proper installations of nodejs & npm, visual studio code IDE, and the latest version of chrome are required.

So, to build server and client-side applications, getting certified with Node Js Certification can help you to build applications. Get yourself registered with this certification course and get large benefits and opportunities to improve coding skills.

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