Top 10 Best Free Tools To Check USB’s Speed  

Today is the era of innovation, so many tech products have arrived in the market to increase the performance of your desktop computers. However, the first thing that comes in our mind while purchasing hardware such as RAM, hard drive, CPU, etc., is performance. You can look at SSD drives which are already replacing HDD because they provide fast read & write speeds. 

You can apply this same rule while purchasing a USB flash drive, and dont forget that USB flash drives are not all made equal. For instance, if you buy a USB flash drive with a massive storage capacity and slow speed, it will require hours to fill it up completely.

List of Top 10 Best Free Tools To Check USB’s Speed


Users who already own a USB flash drive can check how fast their USB drive is. Read our whole article to know about the best free tools to check USB’s speed, as it will help you a lot. Let’s have a look at the list given below.


1.  USBDeview




USBDeview is at the top of our list, which is a lightweight tool to detect all USB devices currently connected to your computer. It even provides you details about USB devices that you previously used and offers so many features. Using this tool, you can benchmark a flash drive and optionally declare the result to the Speed Tests web page for comparison. The incredible thing about this tool is that it allows users to uninstall current and any previous USB devices connected to the computer.

2.  Parkdale




Parkdale is amongst the best free tools to check USB’s speed and is designed to test your hard drives’ read and write speed. Not only this, it enables you to get the read and write speed of your hard disk, CD-ROM devices, and network servers in Kilobyte, Megabyte, or even Gigabyte per second. So we would strongly recommend this tool for periodical check-ups of your system.

3.  Check flash


Check flash


Check flash is another tool that is famous for its advanced features to check the speed of reading and writing.  This app allows you to edit the partition info, save and restore whole drive and partition images with ease. You can use this tool even if you are beginner and brings all the feature to check USB flash drive speed.

4.   CrystalDiskMark




CrystalDiskMark is another efficient tool that can determine the speed of your USB flash drive whenever you want. It will automatically check the overall performance of your USB and SSD drives. What makes it different from others is, with CrystalDiskMark, you can choose the default test size before running the test.

5.  HD Tune



HD Tune is another tool specially developed to check the speed of your USB flash drive quickly. Users adore this tool because it tests both read and write speeds which makes it unique. You can use the free version, but  HD Tune also offers a Pro version to explore some advanced features. So you can use this tool to check the speed of your USB Flash Drive.

6.   Disk Thruput Tester


Disk Thruput Tester


Disk Thruput Tester is another famous tool that is specially designed for Windows 10 operating systems to check your USB flash drive speed. What makes it superior to others that it can also highlight your SSD and HDD speed. You can give Disk Thruput Tester a try to enable users to select the default test size to perform the test.

7.  UserBenchmark



UserBenchmark is a website that is created to highlight the most reliable USB Flash drive in terms of stable performance and cost-benefit. However, you can also download software from this site to check the speed of any USB drive in less than a minute, which is remarkable. In the UserBenchmark tool, rates are joined to form a single effective speed that includes performance for tasks such as copying photos, videos, music, and more.

8.  RMPrepUSB




RMPrepUSB is another  Windows 10 application that can test your USB Flash drive speed without any charges. Using RMPrepUSB, users can view the partition information of the selected Pen Drive without any hassle. Another best feature of RMPrepUSB is reading and writing approximately 65 MB of data to test the read and write speed.

9.  ATTO Disk Benchmark



ATTO Disk Benchmark might be lower in our list but still the best software to determine your USB Flash drive in the Windows operating system. We have placed it on our list because it can quickly test SSD speed, hard disk drives, and USB Drives to serve you the best. You can use this application as the user interface is very smooth and well organized and shows the test results of reading and write speed.





It is the last name in our list of the best free tools to check USB’s speed, which is a very straightforward Windows 10 tool. This tool can check the read and write speed and provides tons of features. We strongly recommend this tool because it is lightweight and doesn’t occupy much space on your CPU and system memory. Speed out takes only a few seconds to complete the test; however, the downside of this app is that it doesn’t show any other details apart from the read and write speed.


We have created a list of the best free tools to check USB speed that you can download right now. Our experts finalized this list based on their personal use and overall ratings. There are so many other tools available to check the speed of your USB, and you can suggest to us any name missing on our list. Now choose the best option based on your needs and requirements, and don’t forget to send us your feedback. That’s all for the moment. Goodbye

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