Top 10  Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

If you dont know about bootable USB, let me tell you that it is a bootable drive that allows you to an operating system on devices even if you dont have a CD/DVD drive.  It lets you transform your system, for example, if you are using an old Windows operating a computer and want to boot Linux into it.  Your PC doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, and then the bootable USB drive provides you the solution in this chaotic situation.

However, you must use the best Bootable USB tool to transform your USB into a Bootable USB drive. USB Bootable tool’s primary function is to convert a USB drive to install Windows or Linux on a PC. The procedure is straightforward, and even beginners can perform this task and use some third-party apps to make a USB device install an operating system.

List of Top 10  Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Our experts have compiled a list of the Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS that you can use right now. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Rufus


It is the most competent tool to use to bootable USB drives from ISO files in the Windows operating system. The user reviews of this tool are positive, and they are satisfied with this tool’s performance. This tool enables users to create bootable units of almost every operating system. Other than this, it also offers to produce oot USBs where settings are stored for the subsequent sessions.

If you compare it with different bootable USB tools, Rufus is an effortless program that is lightweight and doesn’t acquire much space in your storage. Using Rufus, you can easily create bootable USB drives for platforms like all Windows versions and popular Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, Kubuntu, etc.

2. Windows 10 installation media tool

Windows 10 installation media tool

It is not a full-fledge bootable tool; it is a product of Windows and allows limited features. You will find this tool very easy and effortless, but it can only create Windows bootable USB drives, which is disappointing. This tool only works when you want to install Windows on another computer. Then you can apply Windows 10 installation media to create Windows Bootable USB with ease.

Keep in your mind that Windows 10 media creation tool is compatible with Windows operating system only. It doesn’t support other OS and only creates bootable USB for Windows 10, so Windows users can give it a try.

3. UNetbootin


This tool is similar to the name mentioned above, but it is one of the Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It offers support for all the platforms, and in the creation of USB, it lets you use ISO that you have downloaded or manage your list of sources. So that application automatically downloads the ISO before inserting it into the USB.

UNetbootin is developed especially for Linux distribution, and the bootable USB creation method is very sluggish, and it’s not a recommended tool.

4. Linux Live USB Creator

Linux Live USB Creator

It is another free tool that only allows you to create USB boot drives from GNU/Linux distributions. This tool is an open source-based application that you can use on your Windows operating system but can’t create a strange Windows bootable drive. The only advantage of this tool is its beautiful user interface which attracts users and is pretty fast. If you require to create a Linux bootable drive, this tool can serve you the best.

5. Yumi

It is another name in the list of Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, which is different from others. What makes it superior to others is it provides the facility to install several operating systems in a single storage unit. Later on, you can select which operating system you want to install using this tool. Users can put different GNU / Linux distros or connect them with Windows, and then boot them and install them on any computer. This modern USB bootable tool is only compatible with Windows 10 operating system.

6. RMPrepUSB


RMPrepUSB is amongst the most modern and latest  Bootable USB tools that provide many useful features. It has the ability to create bootable USB for Linux and Windows ISO files without any hassle.  The downside of this tool is its complicated interface which makes life hard for the users. This tool is very difficult to use, and beginners who have no know-how of such things should skip this tool. However, RMPrepUSB can create multiple partitions on the same USB drive, appealing and supporting multi-boot support.

7. LiveUSB Install

LiveUSB Install

Authors have written this app in python and specially developed it for GNU/Linux distros installation. This app is designed to make bootable USB for Linux, but it can work some Windows versions, which is great. It enables users to extract the operating system’s image that they want to insert into from a torrent of the original CD or DVD or the ISO files, increasing its productivity.

8. WinToBootic


WinToBootic is one of the best free bootable USV services that is only compatible with Windows 10 operating devices. It requires a .NET framework to work, and this portable tool has the ability to operate without installations.
This tool offers you a Bootable USB of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 2008 with ease. It is a very lightweight software with a straightforward interface and created from a small window that grants you the path to all features.

9. WinSetUp From USB

WinSetUp From USB

We have placed this tool in our list of Bootable USB Tools, which is compatible with Windows and Linux. What makes it different is that it even allows you to create 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows quickly.

Another amazing thing about this tool is that you can use it to create a bootable antivirus rescue disk. This tool won’t occupy much space on your drive and doesn’t affect the speed of your computer.

10. XBoot

XBoot is the last name in our list of the Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and only supports Windows and Linux operating systems. It has a very simple user interface where all the options are organized in a great manner.


Our experts created a list of the Best Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS  that allow you to get rid of old-fashioned CD/DVD drives. You can now install any operating system using a bootable USB drive on your computer. Choose the best tool, and dont forget to send us suggestions and feedback. See you soon. Goodbye!

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