How to Remove Shortcut Arrow Overlay on Windows 10

Shortcuts are an easymanner to open any softwarefast. But, growing a shortcut also creates an arrow overlay at the icon. I know it’s justa trademark of the icon being a shortcut however, I’d as a substitute have a cleanlooking icon as opposed to a small overlay. I agree that the indication involves rescue by differentiating it from the uniquereportbut aesthetics, as somecould say, is also an actualcomponent. There are a fewsmoothways to tackle this trouble. So, let’s see the way todo away with the shortcut arrow overlay on home windows.

Remove Shortcut Arrow Overlay on Windows 10

1. Using the Registry

It’s the perfectmanner to dispose of the arrow overlay. You don’t needan extra app and it doesn’t take loads of time. Let’s see how to do it.

Open Start Menu and search for Registry Editor

Tapyes, whenprecipitated “Do you need to allow this app to make modificationsto yourcomputer?

Before we move ahead, it’s important to take a back-up of the registry. To do that, Tap on File and select Export. Give it a name that suits you or add the current date and save. This is very helpful to restore the registry to the original state.

Using the browser bar on the left, browser to thefollowing path


You might already have a subkey named “Shell Icons”. If not, then create a new one by Right-click on the Explorer folder, click New and tap on Key. Name the New Folder as Shell Icons.

Then properclick onat the Shell Icon folder that we made or within the empty spacein the folder. Tap on New and pick String fee and call this “29”.

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Now we’ll change the value. To do that double click on “29”. Now copy and paste the value below in theValue Data field and hit Ok.


Voila, it’s done. Now restart the PC or log off and in again to you’ll see the required changes.

2. Winaero Tweaker

Now noteveryonewants toundergoa couple of steps of the use of a Registry Editor, That issome othermanneryou caneliminate the shortcut overlay. All you need to do is download and set up an application named Winaero Tweaker. For everybodysearching outa solution with an easyclick, this is the wayto move. here’s the way to do it.

Down load and install the application from the linkbeneath.

Open the software and scroll to the Shortcut tab from the aspect panel. You couldalsotype it inside thesearch bar at thetop.

Select the Shortcut arrow and choose No Arrow.

You’ll be prompted to Restart the Explorer. If you want to see the changes right away choose Restart Explorer. You can also do it manually through the Task Manager.

Final Words

Bothmethods will work fluently. but, a fewcustomers have pronounced the Registry method to now not work sometimes, mainly on windows 10. Use Winaero Tweaker as a substitute if that’s the case. So, right herehad beenbecomea way toeliminate the arrow shortcut overlay on home windows. Do you’ve gotsomethingsimpler? Do permit me to recognizewithin thecommentsectionbeneath.

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