The Use Of Business Technology In Promoting Customer Engagement

Technology is currently changing the way firms and corporations transact businesses. Each day, more tools are being developed to promote efficiency in business processes and growth. Before the internet and technology came to be, businesses were restricted to the traditional means of advertising and communication. The use of flyers to publicize products and services was the order of the day. However, this has changed since the advent of technology. More businesses are coming up with ways to reach out to a larger audience cut across various industries and situated in different locations on the globe. It is now easy to expand customer-base beyond the shores of a particular continent.

As businesses are becoming more customer-centric, it is paramount to understand how technology helps meet both business demands and customer requirements. Just so you know, there is no single strategy to improve customer engagement. However, there are certain rules that apply to enhancing interactions between brands and consumers.

What Does Customer Engagement Mean?

Customer engagement is the amount of activity that goes on between a business and a customer. When customers visit a business website, they are expected to see interesting and informative content that will answer their questions. Also, the overall experience they gain on your site determines if they will stay or leave for other business sites. In recent times, most customers are more focused on the type of experience they get from a business than the price and product – although being important as well. For this reason, most businesses generate ways to improve customer engagement, including the use of technology.

Several businesses, ranging from small to large-scale enterprise, boost their customer service support with the use of IT solutions provided by reputable IT solution providers like Salesforce. With this, it becomes easy for them to connect easily with their customers.

Customer Engagement Trends You Need To Know

As customers enjoy an exceptional experience with one firm, it increases their expectations of other businesses. Experience determines the willingness of your customers to stick to your business. The more engaging your business is, the stronger their loyalties become. Here are some trends to understudy:

  • The quality of your product, service, and customer engagement determines the level of happiness your customers derive from your business.
  • You can be rest assured to build a large customer base when you incorporate technology in your customer engagement. Customers are responsive in this aspect.
  • Aside from technology, it is important for a business to have connectivity, timeliness, and personalization that will offer increased customer experience.
  • Another criteria needed to retain loyalty among your customers are ethics and trust. Trustworthy businesses create loyal customers.

Technological Tools Used To Improve Customer Engagement


Tools are as important as strategies in building more loyal customers. Technology has made this dream a reality. Certain technological tools can help business owners connect more with customers; they include the following: website, communication, email, and software. Websites are essential in providing metrics that monitor customers’ activities online and provide business owners with feedback to enhance customer experience. Some sites incorporate communication systems like live chats that provide instantaneous responses to customers requests and complaints. Additionally, communication on all business levels should be synced to improve customer experience. Email and software are growing tools that help business people relate well with customers. Email has been around for long with billions of active users; hence, it is an effective platform that can be harnessed to provide top-quality customer service support. Software can be scalable to all business and client-base size. Regardless of your business type, size, and customer-base, you can always improve customer engagement with the use of software.

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