How to use TikTok for Business

TikTok is very beneficial for business. If you have no idea how to use TikTok for business growth. Let’s have a look With over 500 million active users, and in excess of a million videos viewed daily, TikTok is among the most popular social network platforms the world has ever seen. With statistics like this, it’s easy to see the appeal of using TikTok as a marketing tool.

TikTok introduced in 2016 and has blown up exceptionally. Like other user-related apps, it had its primary function– operating as a video-sharing platform but as it stands, businesses have seen it as a niche. TikTok has actually taken excellent entrepreneurial steps like other social networks apps such as Twitter and Facebook.

Business is basically three things– selling, buying, and profiteering. Prior to you think of doing any business on TikTok, you need to understand your prospective clientele. This suggests that you need to recognize the app’s audience. TikTok is heavily youth-centric so that suggests that your business should be out to please the instant needs of younger people. We can securely say that the audience falls in the 15– 26 years’ age bracket.

Why should you use TikTok for your business?

If your target audience is on the more youthful side– teenagers and young people– now is the time to get in on it. A couple of reasons why:

It’s new and not saturated yet

On other social media platforms, there are lots of other businesses and influencers vying for users’ attention. TikTok is still reasonably new and growing, so now is a distinct opportunity to develop yourself in your niche.

It’s fun and casual

Unlike Instagram, the material on TikTok is spontaneous and unpolished. Not just does this lower production expenses, it appeals more to more youthful audiences who are averse to more standard marketing designs.

You can share content throughout platforms

Any content you produce on TikTok can be shared throughout different platforms right from the app. You can also download your content as a video or GIF to utilize however you like.

Drive traffic to Instagram and YouTube

You can connect to your Instagram and YouTube accounts straight from your TikTok profile. That means that anyone who visits your profile on TikTok will instantly be able to discover and follow you on those other platforms.

How do I start using TikTok for business?

Assuming you’ve currently downloaded the app, the first thing you require to do is make certain that you are using the ‘pro’ variation, specifically if you’re using it solely as a TikTok business account.

This will allow you to access some useful analytics– providing you an insight into your content’s performance.

Then it’s all about getting those innovative juices streaming and coming up with some original concepts to promote your business via TikTok. However, before you start, ask yourself the following concerns:

· What are you wanting to attain?

· Who is your target market?

· How can you incorporate it into your present marketing plan?

· Exactly what are you promoting?

· How will people find and view your content?

Let’s assume you’ve got it all doubts: your video content, your target market, a terrific marketing strategy, and an incredible business, item, or occasion to promote.

You have actually shared your video to TikTok and it’s out there with countless other videos … and has actually had hardly any views! What failed?

This is where you actually require to consider what your audience is searching for!

Just like any social media website, you’ll be quickly blacklisted if you come across as not knowing what you’re doing or not following the unmentioned rules that come along with social platforms. Hang out on the app– make yourself a profile, follow popular users, and generate practice material until you feel like you have a handle on what genuine users like to engage with and what the platform’s culture is.

Always Remember credibility is the key here– do not try to develop memes if that isn’t your business’s ambiance. Develop content that fits your brand and furnish to your specific objectives.

How do I promote my business on TikTok and actually get seen?

Using TikTok for business marketing is still a reasonably new idea, with paid promos and TikTok advertisements still in the process of being presented worldwide.

Nevertheless, you might have observed that there are some significant brands on TikTok– creating a buzz with the use of hashtags!

Fashion brand name, Guess, partnered with TikTok in 2018. Whenever users opened the app, they were directed to the #InMyDenim challenge and recommend to generate some fun material.

This constructed brand awareness and got users connecting with the brand name on a worldwide scale.

But if you read this, then opportunities are you’re not head of marketing at a multi-million-dollar fashion powerhouse, and you’re probably still wondering exactly how you can use the TikTok platform to promote your Business. In other words, two methods; hashtags, and sharing.

What’s the best way to use TikTok for business?

If you are often using Instagram and another social media app then you will surely know all about hashtags- and TikTok has same function as this which plays a vital role in your business growth and make money on TikTok.

Users may search by hashtag if you’re searching for content they would like to see, so be certain to do your search and pick them accordingly!

If your business is location-specific, then take advantage of local hashtags — this offers you the opportunity to receive your content in front of people from the regional region and build awareness of whatever it’s that you’re promoting!

Eventually; share, share, share! TikTok permits you to create some interesting, unique, and tricky content that’s super-shareable, so take advantage of it.

Consider sharing it to other social media profiles and pages, and link to it in newsletters and emails.

You do not require a TikTok account to see shared information, so even if your clients do not have the TikTok app, they could check out what you have made!

How To take advantage of TikTok advertising. 

This is most likely the most explicit method of TikTok opening its arms wide for businesses to promote their items. For between $50– $500, you can get your advertisements up and running. The TikTok Ads plan is like this: from ‘Ads’ to ‘Ad Groups’ and after that ‘Campaigns’. You have the ability to reach varied audiences worldwide. The following bullets summarize TikTok Ads arrangement:

  • For Campaigns, you set their goals, budget, and then include and Ad Group.
  • For TikTok Ad Groups, you set specifics on how the advertisement will be positioned and its intended audiences among some other information.
  • After setting the two previous arrangements right, you can start to produce single or several advertisements. Ads are what offer the product(s) and consequently promote the business.


It took a while but TikTok has actually lastly introduced ads to their platform. TikTok offers 4 different types of ads including:

Infeed Native Content: This kind of advertisement is similar to Snapchat or Instagram story advertisements and supports numerous features like website clicks or app downloads.

Brand name Takeovers: This lets brand names take over TikTok for the day. They can develop images, GIFs and videos with embedded links to landing pages or hashtag challenges.

Hashtag Challenges: Instead of trying to make a hashtag challenge go viral on your own, you can use promoted hashtags to get more engagement.

Branded Lenses: Branded lenses resemble the Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for faces and photos.

Similar to any social media platform, ads can help you reach a ton of users on the platform. TikTok also gives precise targeting so you can make certain your ads are reaching the exact users that would be interested in what you have to offer.

Action Items:

  1. Download TikTok, create an account and learn your way around.
  2. Create a video using the native video creator or Boosted and post it to TikTok.
  3. Follow some hashtags and influencers related to your brand.
  4. Create a hashtag challenge.
  5. Consider paid advertising.

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