List of 5 best fitness apps for women

A fit and perfect body shape is the dream of every woman. However, the pressure of daily work schedules makes it hard for them to go to the gym and workout. But, the worries are over as there are several impressive fitness apps specially designed for women. These apps not only encourage you to stick by the workout schedules but also help you to do it with super ease. This article will give you a clear insight into the list of 5 excellent fitness apps. So, read till the end.

All Day 

The popular brand, Adidas created All Day, particularly for the health maintenance of the women. The exclusive app will keep an eye on your diet, movement, resting time, and mindset. It enables you to access two categories- science-backed guides and discoveries. This app deliberately helps you to opt for the right fitness training and proper nutritious food to consume. It will further advise you on how many hours of rest is needed for your body. In simple words, it is a complete guidebook for being fit and healthy. You can develop such apps as well. All you need is seeking the assistance of the fitness app development company.

Yoga Studio 

When it comes to workout routines, women prefer yoga over other exercising activities. Yoga undoubtedly improves your body posture and helps you in achieving your body goals. If you are into yoga, the app called yoga studio is perfect for you. With it, you do not even necessitate to afford a professional yoga trainer. It is because; Yoga Studio is pre-programmed with more than 75 classes. Moreover, the app allows you to pick amidst the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The professionals teach you every move precisely step by step, which makes it easier for you to learn. Most importantly, the videos come in HD quality. Therefore, your yoga experience is going to be fantastic.


If you are having trouble choosing the right type of exercises as per your physic, leave it on Sworkit! The app is chiefly designed for beginners. With adaptable workout plans and easy-to-follow guidance, you will be able to get the desired body shape in a shorter time span. Additionally, the app helps you to manage your daily exercise routine amidst your strict work schedule. Just select timing and the physical activity you want to engage with. The rest of the task of coaching will be handled by Sworkit. The app allows you to involve in workouts such as stretching, Pilates, cardio, etc.


To provide you with a real-like gym experience, Aaptive comes with a unique interface. The app is preset with an automated trainer’s voice, which will guide you throughout the session. The workout videos that are available within the application are chiefly suitable for women’s body type. Furthermore, to keep you motivated, Aaptive prepares an amazing playlist. It offers you to undertake activities like yoga, meditation, running, indoor cycling, etc.

 My Fitness Pal 

The name of My Fitness Pal is quite common among fitness freaks. The app wonderfully encourages users to participate in fitness routines. Because of its user-friendly interface, anyone can access it easily. Coming to its amenities, it is important to mention that having the app in your smartphone is like having a fitness coach in your pocket. My Fitness Pal assists you in keeping the records of your physical activities, footsteps, diet (calories you intake), burning calories, and what not! It detects your eating habit and recommends you to make modifications if necessary.

Most of you need a push to join in the fitness activities and the discussed apps will give drive you to do that.

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