How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO?

In the world of technology, new ideas are continually evolving driving things in a more advanced and innovative way. One such aspect is the usage of Artificial Intelligence or AI, which is on the horizon in the coming decade.  Search giant such as Google has come up with its own AI, which is beginning to think more like a human being.

SEO is known to us as the process of increasing your website’s traffic and ranking it on top of the search result page. Voice search is a technique is the most used process by today’s generation according to studies. Innovative technology has made life very simple.  Earlier people used to type their query and hit the search button. Thanks to Voice search which has reduced the work of typing. All you will need to do is to ask a physically appropriate query, and the rest of the work is done by machine learning or (AI) by your computer.

Let us understand how SEO and AI work hand-in-hand

With the growth of technology, SEO has also moved into a more advanced technological trend. AI is taking more and more into the search field. This software as known to us is how your computer will use a certain algorithm for deep learning and then come up with its ideas. According to research, by 2020, AI will take all over the market and will stay for long. AI is the idea in which your computer will suggest remedial ways by gathering and collecting information from data. This technology positively will impact marketers and your website’s SEO.

We will see how people are using and combining machine learning techniques with search engine optimization. Some of the impacts of AI are

SEO Content – Google realized that it is a tedious task for a human being in tracking, identifying, and ranking various websites. Hence, Artificial Intelligence has been implemented to understand human needs. The more it thinks like a human, it can serve humans too in a better way.  This is where AI plays a role in humanizing search engines.

Website content plays a vital role in SEO. Content has become the driving force for SEO. SEO professionals will be more concerned about the user’s query. Google’s first and foremost concerned is to satisfy its users. I.e., the visitor’s needs are met. Content has to do a better job of finding the right thing of what the user is looking out for. The task of AI is to ensure that user’s get exactly what they need when they are searching for something when they type their queries in the search panel.

For example, two different individuals will be using their version of the content search. SEO needs to solve these different types of issues and satisfy the user’s search. With appropriate content and keywords, it will guide the user to the exact webpage of what they are searching for. SEO giant Google is using AI to keep a constant check on the website.

Links and website’s quality – AI has helped in link building; Google’s AI checks for the authority of a link. It checks how much relevant and valuable a given link in a website can be. Links in a site also enhance in optimizing a website. It checks if links are relevant in terms of the provided content or keywords in a website. Google’s AI also ranks a website mainly on the links present in the article. Crawling and checking relevancy which used to take months and days earlier has now been reduced by the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Voice Search optimization – This is the most widely used method as it is gaining popularity with its increase in usage.  In this method, the machine will recognize every user by its voice and mannerisms. Voice searches are longer and in a more conversational tone. “For example, you can ask your smart device “Where can you find the best Chinese restaurant around your locality?” Instead of merely stating, “Best Chinese restaurant” You can use the voice search feature even on your very own smartphone. Or you can use home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s assistant. You can use the voice search and command for your query.

What is the importance of SEO in a business?

The ultimate goal of SEO is the conversion rate of visitors. Business owners and potential owners know their business will succeed if their website has very good SEO ranking. So, it is a tuff competition out there in the internet world as every aspect of the field is now being digitized. With the growth of technology, we have seen much-advanced development in SEO with the usage of AI.  As an owner, you should not only attempt to see that your website has frequent visitors, thus increasing the traffic. You should focus on as well as see how your visitors stay longer on your website. You can implement specific tips for an improvised website. Some of them are.

  • You should ensure that your website has easy navigation button to guide the user appropriately. More backlinks should be present, and the links should be directed to the right page as instructed.
  • Provide more videos and images as several users get convinced only by looking at your videos and pictures. They do not want to take the hurdle of reading out the content and understanding it.
  • There are again a group of people who only pay attention to the content and text. So, you should ensure that your writer uses the right keyword and content for your website.
  • Check out your page loading speed. Generally, a user does not want to stay long on the page when it takes more than three minutes to load.

So, if you are a new business owner and would like to expand and grow your business digitally, then you should give a thought of your website’s SEO. You might want to hire someone professional who would make your website presentable. Several agencies are present out there, or you can even hire someone from SEO Dental Company to give your website the perfect shape.

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