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NBC is one of the largest streaming sites in the US if you are looking for comprehensive sports action. Along with ABC, Fox, and CBS, NBC is one of the four main streaming sites in the US. The difference between NBC and these three networks is that they are independent to navigate the streaming market, and NBC appears to be holding its services. It offers an application to stream content, but it doesn’t include any dedicated streaming platform such as CBS’s All Access.

Multiple ways to stream the channel

What makes it superior to other platforms is it allows you to use its content across various devices through different service packs. It doesn’t require you to use standard equipment and heavy wiring, and You need a solid connection and subscription to a reliable streaming service provider such as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T Now, YouTube TV, etc. If you have subscribed to any of these services, you can easily access NBC Sports even without cable.

Cord-cutting doesn’t necessarily cut the access.

You can knock out cables as 90% of the US population still rely on cable and satellite TV connections which is massive. But if you only stream sports content, you can look for other options available in the market. We recommend you save $80-150 every month to access NBC Sports and other channels.

Skinny Bundles – Most lucrative option

Many bundles can provide you access to NBC Sports with ease. However, if you are unaware of them, read our complete article, we will tell you all the details regarding such packages. These bundles narrow down packages featuring live channels primarily focusing on OTT content. The best thing is, these bundles allow you to pay for your desired content without being involved in comprehensive contracts.


We are all aware of the famous NBC Sports Group; it is the owner of NBC Sports and works under the division of NBC Universal by Comcast. It is located in America and offers sports broadcast on its network, and is amongst the leading national sports cable channels. In the past, NBC Sports used to be a part of the NBC news division, and it aired various sports such as NASCAR, the NFL, the NHL, the French Open, Olympic Games, English Premier League, Tour De France, and many more.

Comcast acquired it in 2011 and aligned all their cable sports networks to NBC Sports for maximum results. It developed a strong network under the banner of NBC Sports Group, which is still dominating the streaming market.


The first thing I like the most on this site is search results that are intelligent and working great. We discovered the snippet with sports categories listed in the search engine even before visiting the site. There are six significant options: Watch, NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer, and NBC Sports Gold. So you have an idea of what this site will offer, and you can decide whether it is suitable to visit this site or not. After visiting the site, you need some time to get used to the interface, but it’s very straightforward.

NBC Sports arrives with a massive library of content and is the largest sports network, and you will find a lot on this site to stream. Let’s discuss all the sections and elaborate on the website’s overall layout to understand better. The first thing to catch your attention after visiting the site is the menus in black and grey.

You will find 12 categories in the black menu: FL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, NCAA FB, Nascar, Motors, Golf, Olympics, and more. There is a grey menu that includes specific options – Bet, Gold, Odds, Olympic Channel, USA, Rotor World, Tickets, Newsletters, Sports engine, and a comprehensive search bar. It’s a place for the ads, but it doesn’t look off, and after the schedule, it contains a content section divided into four segments.

I wouldn’t say I liked the homepage layout of NBC Sports; however, the inner pages are fascinating and will catch your attention for sure. The ad placement is poor, but the slider banners on this page look user-friendly and straightforward. Though it is filled with content, the design and content placement didn’t hinder my browsing experience.


We are sure the US citizens have already watched most of the sports content on this network. This site is popular for its wide range of content and covers only international but even local NHL, MLB, and NBA team games. NBC Sports’ regional network is remarkable and much better than many of its competitors because it allows you to catch up with all the local teams and stay up-to-date in real-time. It’s no surprise that NBC or Fox operates two-thirds of RSNs, and the rest one-third is working under local teams.

NBC Sports Gold


NBC Sports Gold


NBC Sports Gold is a paid service under NBC Sports’; we have included it in our article because it offers you live and on-demand coverage of major sports events. The best thing is it enables users to get support for multiple devices via its service.

You can use this service because it covers niche events like figure skating that are not available on other streaming sites. If you are a fan of local events and not-so-mainstream sports events, NBC Sports Gold provides you with your desired content.

In the end, we would say NBC Sports is affordable only if you access it as a significant streaming bundle such as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo, AT&T Now, etc. It won’t be wise to buy it individually because it is an expensive affair and beyond the reach of many users.

Desktop/Mobile experience

This site is compatible with all the platforms and devices, and you can watch all the content via NBC sports on your mobile devices and desktop computers. There was no negative thing, and we enjoyed streaming this site on different devices and Operating Systems.

Suggestions I have for NBC.

W would urge the developers to start their platform with inexpensive package offer suitable packages to the users.


NBC Sports is the best streaming sports network across the US, and you must use this channel to access the most reliable sports content in the country. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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