Particulars Of Private Blog Networks

A PBN, more commonly referred to as the private blog networks are self-hosted, authorized websites that are owned by a single entity. They were frequently used in the early days of technology but are considered as a black hat tactic. The main purpose of the private blog network services is to enhance your website’s rankings in search engines.

A high rank can be achieved by bringing traffic to your webpage, and this process requires PBN services. PBNs work by creating different backlinks to your website, all owned by one user, and increase web trafficking. Creating a lot of backlinks is beneficial for the website, but PBNs damage its reputation as these are all created by one person.

How to distinguish PBNs?

Distinguishing PBNs is a tedious task if you don’t have a basic understanding of how a PBN works. The best way to track a PBN is through the most basic private blog network service, which is backlinking. You can check many particulars of a backlink to identify whether it’s a PBN.


If all the links are originated from the same person, i.e. if the host is the same, it is a private blog network. PBNs are used in a lot of websites but public blogging has more power and durability then private or personal blogging. You can check for authorization by going through the IP address of the link. Techno geeks nowadays getaway by creating blogs from different IPs. However, other patterns can help you identify a PBN.

Site design and theme

If the links are similar in design and themes, there is a huge chance that it is created through a PBN. Websites used to create such links have limited themes and customizations, and hence PBN experts reuse the theme and modify accordingly.


Some people who use multiple IPs to create PBNs can still be identified by checking the site ownership. If all the sites involved in linking are of the same person, it’s clear that the linking is a private blog network.

Same content

One person cannot write a hundred blogs without repeating his style and essence. So, experts can guess through the content and the sentence structure if it is a PBN.

Other features

Other features that are found only in PBNs are the same backlink profiles, duplicated images and videos, and many others.

Services provided by PBN experts

As discussed, PBN works to link your websites with other assets, also originated by you. Private blog network servicesinclude unique content, backlinking, pillow-linking, and SEO techniques to make the links legitimate. Even though most services for PBN are foot-print free, but as PBN violates Google’s terms and conditions, they are to be processed before creating links.

Pillow-linking is the technique used to launder PBNs or to make them legit. It refers to the actual link created for your website that is to be placed on social media and search engines. By pillow-linking, backlinks through PBNs are made safe. It is the most expensive and crucial of the private blog network services.

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