Take Your Real Estate Firm To The Next Level With These 10 Latest Marketing Trends

If you are a real estate firm with extensive experience in the sector, you would have noticed that there is a visible trend in marketing. Marketing has gone online for over a decade now, but the latest shift is also towards social media marketing.

To elevate your business, you need to leverage social media for lead generation and conversion. Let’s find out the ten latest marketing trends that will help you achieve your goal.

10 Latest Marketing Trends for Business Success

Given below are tips to help you optimize your marketing strategy through social media presence.

Right Hashtags for Real Estate

Hashtags are not just for getting your posts liked on social media. These not only provide higher engagement for you, but hashtags also drive more traffic to your site. Potential customers can locate your brand faster with hashtags.

There are dual benefits of using hashtags. One, the prospective buyer and seller can find you. Two, you can find potential customers through the right hashtags.

The hashtags you need will be classified into three categories. Generic, Real Estate Agent, and Customized.

  • The Generic hashtags would include #realestate, #homesforsale, or #realestate.
  • For a real estate agent, the hashtags would be #realestateagent, #commercialrealestate, or #realtoroffice.
  • For Customized hashtags, you could include #targetneighborhood, #TargetCity homes, or #Brokerage Name.

If you need more ideas, then you can look at tools like Hashtagify for options for Twitter hashtags or Ritetag for hashtags related to images or text.

Quotes and Testimonials

As a real estate firm owner, the opportunity cost is an essential consideration for you. If you want to focus on your business, its best to market it using quotes and testimonials.

There are some great real estate quotes for creating catchy social media graphics. These quotes provide fun quotient for your audience and will improve customer engagement.

The best way to promote your business would be using testimonials of existing clients. Online tools such as InVideo can help with a better presentation by providing smart graphics.

Social Media Marketing

Many online tools will optimize efficiency by saving time for content creation. These marketing applications for real estate will help you connect with the buyer. Websites like G2crowd provide you with the best choice of real estate software by comparing the different software available.

Automating your marketing can be done seamlessly and economically with the online tools available. There are many sites where you can get free stock photos, real estate infographics, and posts for social media marketing.

Real Estate Blogs

When you write a real estate blog, it should reflect your experience, which should stand out in your content. You should include pertinent information, information about different neighborhoods, or buying and selling tips.

It would be best if you wrote from either a first-time buyer perspective or as someone moving to a different area. You need to provide the answers to the right questions and address the genuine concerns so that the reader is convinced about your quality. There should be price and facility comparisons so that the audience can make an informed decision.

Facebook Ads and Posts

Facebook is one of the social media platforms frequented by prospective buyers and sellers in the real estate segment.

To engage your audience on Facebook through both organic and paid content, you need the right strategy. This would include essential tips, awareness about events, contests or giveaways, attractive graphics, and testimonials of existing clients.

You won’t convert a client immediately, but you will create a brand following. This will ensure you get the business when the client is ready.

Mention Success Stories

If people find that you are closing deals with both buyers and sellers regularly, you will gain their trust and be their preferred choice for any transaction.

If you have clients who are tagging you on social media, great! If they are not, you can always post happy customer experiences with photos for higher audience engagement.

Ensure Accessibility

If you want broader audience engagement, make sure your posts are accessible.

Closed captions are a great way to reach out to those with hearing impairment. Most Facebook users don’t hear the audio. With captioning, users can see what they need.

This applies to images as well, a description either through a caption or Instagram alt text will get the attention of your audience. Keep the stories simple.

Include Videos

Videos have great potential when it comes to user engagement. Informational videos about the industry, tips on finding the right broker, community information can be presented in a much more dynamic way. There’s help at hand for creating an impacting introduction with an intro and outro maker.

Your videos become even more impacting when you ‘go live.’ If the audience can interact with you through a live Q&A session, it will instill greater confidence in your potential customers. Making videos is comfortable with the free video intro maker.

Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

Team up with relevant local business providers who are into photography, home inspection, or mortgage broking. You could promote each other on social media, which creates a win-win situation for all. From content sharing to creation or resource creation, it’s a smart move.

Share Reviews

Reviews make a compelling statement that provides an incentive to the potential customer to finalize the decision. If you want more conversions, it is vital to collect reviews.

Be proactive by mailing the Facebook Reviews link to your existing clients and request them to send a review. This link can be found under the Setting section after the Review Tab is enabled.

These reviews give your potential customers a clear idea about your expertise and help them decide whether they want to engage you as a broker. If you have an active social media campaign, then the positive customer reviews will be a bonus to take your business to the next level.

Let Social Media Power Your Growth

If you want to market your real estate firm, then social media is the way to go. Your existing and potential customers frequent social media. The better your social media presence, the higher your chances of converting potential customers and more business from existing customers.

There are numerous free online tools to help you market your services and interact directly with your customers through live Q&A sessions. All these tools will boost customer confidence, and they will be interested in working with you.

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