What the Top OKRs Can Offer Businesses

What the Top OKRs Can Offer Businesses 

In most cases, top company objectives are not something to model your business after. It’s not that your business lacks the potential to achieve the same astronomical success as leading companies, it’s just that your business is YOUR business. Everything about the operation is unique, so following in the exact footsteps of those that have inspired you, may not lead to the success you’re looking for. Remember, successful companies become successful companies because they are willing to do things differently. Even if it were possible to copy the steps that successful companies have taken, you might miss out on entrepreneur factors that would likely propel your success further.

If you’re dying to learn from the pros, there are a few concepts you can copy, without minimizing the authenticity of your own business or organization. Very broad concepts such as company mindset, common interests, and time frame plans, may collectively provide interested businesses with a very general layout of how to create and then apply OKRs for themselves. After all, what business can’t relate to time, money, and profit? It’s understandable to see how these similarities could create a blueprint for company success, but the truth is, there’s only one Google, one Spotify, and there’s only one YOU, too. With all that in mind, here’s what top company OKRs can teach you:

Begin with Corporate Objectives

All leading companies structure their OKRs around the larger picture. The larger picture is of course what the company is aiming to achieve. All other responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of employees and non-executive staff members, reflect actions that are in service to these larger goals. To begin writing your OKRs, gather the team leaders of each department and begin drafting company-wide objectives that everyone can agree on. Once agreements are established, break down these goals into smaller steps by drafting out the key results. These results should be measurable and specific, but flexible enough for creative problem solving should issues arise. This discussion will establish team expectations and create alignment between workers. Everyone will be working towards the same goals and results.

OKR Examples to Look At

Learning from the pros boils down to one thing: Think Big! Each of these are examples of top company OKRs to look at so that you might get ideas for your own unique company goals, OKR examples to look at.

Objective Examples: 

  • Grow business globally
  • Develop a strong corporate culture
  • Optimize customer growth
  • Increase website visitors
  • Establish a growing advertisement team

Key Result Examples: 

  • Achieve global company sales target of x amount of money.
  • Generate employee satisfaction success by x% via weekly surveys
  • Gather x number of marketing leads from email marketing
  • Increase site traffic by x% using x amount of hired new SEO experts
  • Hire x number of advertisement experts

Marketing, customer growth, and corporate culture are common interests for businesses in general. You can customize your OKRs to meet objectives without copying the steps taken by other businesses. Authenticity will set you apart!

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