10 Best Live Chat Software

10 Best Live Chat Software

Live chat software has become more of a necessity these days, mostly when we talk about customer service. Most consumers prefer online chatting over calling. When we talk about businesses, live chat is the best method for communicating brands and is more useful than phone calls, emails, and other social media handles. Some of the websites and businesses now recognize the importance of live chat software, and they have added the option of live chat to their websites. But let’s be honest and acknowledge that every live chat software is different from others. So, before finalizing your decision, it’s better to understand the live chat software completely. We have made the task pretty simple for you by picking up some of the best; in fact, the ten best live chat software best in this field. You can look at them, study their features, and then decide which one suits you the best.

When Should You Invest In Live Chat Software?

Besides giving you the best suggestions for living chat software, we have sorted out the right time for you to invest in live chat software. As most people do not realize that they need such software, we are here to clear out all of your confusion. if you are a person who owns a website or offers some online customer support, live chat software is for you. Moreover, if you handle an e-commerce website or are an online selling service person, you should have your hands on some live chat software.

Live chat software enables users to interact with more than one customer at a time. In addition to this, it assists the customers till the time a human team member responds. If you own a personal blog or a website at a small level, you probably don’t need to live chat software. But with the growth of your blog and increment in the number of inquiries, the need for live chat software may arise.

  1. Intercom

Intercom gives the users insights into who is using their service and provide them a powerful tool that can send personal communicators. In-app messages and behavior-driven emails can also be sent using the intercom. You get a better way to engage and retain customers through this live chat software, improving sales and marketing. The intercom interface is very user-friendly, and thousands of users worldwide can use this to increase their productivity. You can use all your customer data under a single roof, whether it be location, contact details, personal info, company name, or other information.


Suppose you search for online live chat software that enables you to easily communicate with your beloved customers without any hassle, Tawk. Is the best pick. You can reach your customers anytime, anywhere with the help of your website, through your mobile application, or a customization page.

This is an incredible platform for successful communication between businesses and their clients. It’s a bit modern and intuitive tool when compared to other similar devices. has several other features that make it one of its kind. It allows the users to customize their page, initiates the live chat conveniently with the customer, and send replies within a fraction of seconds. The scheduler introduced by this platform helps in attracting more audiences around the globe.

  1. TextUs


TextUs-an an easy-to-understand platform that needs only some vital information and manages multiple conversations on its own. TextUs is preferred by most of the professionals. This powerful tool enables users to communicate with their customers efficiently with message templates, A/B testing, and response-rate tracking. The best part about TextUs is that the customization features offered by it are the best. The users can customize the whole chat and can change the settings whenever he/she wants.

  1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk-a cloud-based live chat software with numerous useful features and incredible customer service. The best part about Freshdesk is that it is ideal for both small businesses and large companies. The customers can communicate in one place using the robust, streamlined system offered by Freshdesk.

The email features that give vast support to the inbox team by putting all the agents onboard a single panel with a status update of each customer’s Email are introduced by Freshdesk. This helps you while collaborating with other teams around the globe and aids in resolving the issues. The core features like multi-product, satisfaction surveys, leaderboard, communicate portal, multi-channel supports, automation, etc., are also included in this platform.

  1. is a platform that provides instant support and allows you to close sales and create a strong relationship with your customer. You will be able to extend yourself using this platform as it’s an open live chat software. comes as an alternative to Smartsupp, and a lot of its features resemble Smartsupp, but yes, some new features make it better than the previous one.

The first being it’s an easy-to-use interface, and the best part is you only need to place the HTML code on the online portal and chat right away. You can also chat with your Facebook customers using this tool. comes with various price plans and packages like many others of its kind, and each package comes with features of its own. But the core features like group chat, integration with BotEngine, customization, continuous chat, AI-powered customer service, etc., are the same.

  1. Chatango

Chatango is a live chat software made for the people who keep their community on the website. This tool introduces a clean conversation regarding auto-moderation, community moderation, and optional anonymity that attracts a large audience worldwide.

Chatango is a little different from all other platforms and enables users to interact with each other and talk about similar interests. This incredible tool allows you to search the people’s directory by part, images, distance, and other criteria. A message rate limit per user can be set by the administrator that keeps the large groups readable. This tool can be used on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and MS Windows.

  1. UserEngage

UserEngage is an online live chat software that is easy-to-use. Its main aim is to increase user engagement and conversation. UserEngage collects the data of every customer and makes the customer experience better. There are numerous automated options in this platform, like Email, sending SMS, chat messages, forms, and pop-ups, etc. There is an availability of a CRM system too that streamlines the manual sales and facilitates the support procedures. You can also send various newsletters and other promotions to the users to enhance productivity. You can find numerous templates to choose from and offer customization options too.

  1. Crisp

If you want to live chat software that not only engages the audience but increase customer support too, Crisp is the one for you. This platform offers a better relationship with the customers by using modern massaging. It allows the users to chat with the website visitors, integrates their special tools, and provides incredible customer support. The best part about this tool is that the users can reach you via live chat, messenger, Email, SMS, etc. Video chat, Marketing, CRM, Magic Browse, customization, integration, user-friendly interface are core features of the tool.

  1. Olark


One of the most famous love chat software for businesses is Olark. It is a pretty simple and easy-to-use tool and allows the companies to increase customers’ engagement in real-time. The robust integration allows the users to create efficient relationships with customers. More than being a chat platform, it works to increase the attention of customers.  Olark is an easy-to-use and straightforward software. This software’s key features are Chat rating, CRM and helpdesk integration, developer API, target chat, in-browser chat, etc. This platform comes with four price plans named Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Ultimate. Every plan has some features of its own that distinguish it from others.

  1. Lime Talk

Another fantastic live chat software is Lime Talk. By inserting this tool on your website, you can get in touch with many customers and increase your productivity. This has a user-friendly interface and brings you, real-time customers. The clients can ask several customers on this site that can be answered too. The best part about this platform is its highly customizable features. This website’s core features are unlimited conversation, shortcuts, automatically triggered messages, communication through mobile phones, and much more.

Live and Chat!

So, which is the best software for you? It indeed depends on your needs. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. So, live your life and chat with your customers using live chat software.

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