Bitcoin Wallet for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

With the world going crazy over the digital revolution, bitcoin is regarded as a currency used for universal payment. Bitcoins are in digital form, and they don’t have any physical shape or size. Thus, it can be quite tricky for people to store bitcoins. Technically, bitcoin can’t be stored anywhere because they do not develop any particular shape or size.

Instead, bitcoins come up with a private key that helps you to get access to the key. Thus, these private keys that are used to access bitcoins need to be stored safely and securely.

These private keys related to bitcoins are stored in bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin wallets are available in different forms. If you do not know too much about bitcoin wallets, this article can be fruitful to you.

Types of bitcoin wallets

The following are the significant types of bitcoin wallet that can be used efficiently:

Paper wallet

A paper wallet is one of the best options available to store bitcoins safely and securely. A paper wallet is one that is used to store specific public addresses for receiving bitcoins as well as private keys. The paper wallets are printed in the form of QR-codes or, and you can quickly scan them and get access to bitcoins. Just refer online to know more details on this. There are several websites available online which provide more information on this.

The best part about bitcoin wallets is that the keys are stored offline, and thus, it is immune to all types of hacker attacks. Therefore, you won’t be prone to malware or any other kind of attack from hackers or scammers. Since the details about paper wallets are stored in a piece of paper, you will need to take specific measures to store the paper at a proper place, which is not prone to any theft and fire.

Physical bitcoin

Physical bitcoins are loaded with some amount of BTC. The value of bitcoin can’t tamper as long as the private key is stored and remains hidden. A tamper-evident seal is used to keep the physical bitcoin safe and secure. The physical bitcoins are one of the best options for using bitcoin as it can be stored conveniently, and it is not prone to any theft and hacking.

Mobile wallet

For people who are looking to use bitcoin daily, the mobile wallet offers one of the best options. The mobile wallet runs on an app that is present on your smartphone. The mobile wallet offers maximum convenience as you can use it to make payment in a store or any other place. The only disadvantage associated with the mobile wallet is that it does not allow you maximum security and safety as anyone can access your bitcoins if they get access to your private keys. In addition to this, sometimes your phone may get lost, or it may get tempered, and thus, it can lead to problems in accessing the mobile wallets.


Web wallets are easily used to store your private keys on a server. Like mobile wallets, the web wallets stored in your personal computers or laptops can be accessed easily. Personal computers and desktops are connected to the internet; some hackers may cause issues. But, if you are a regular user of bitcoin and you can take care of the security features, the web wallets are one of the best options to consider.

Desktop wallets

Desktop wallets are easily installed and downloaded on your computer. The use of USB can access the wallet, and they are said to be more safe and secure as compared to online and mobile wallets. Since the desktop wallets do not depend on third parties, there are high-security features of the desktop wallets. Different varieties of desktop wallets are available in terms of desktop wallets, and thus, they are termed a secure and better option.

No matter which type of wallet you are using, you should try to keep your bitcoins for different kinds of wallets to be safe and secure. So, choose a variety of options and separate your wallets into different types of wallets to be kept safely and securely.

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