5 Best Instant Messaging Software

Instant messaging software facilitates communication between the company employees and makes it easier for them to perform their tasks. The employees can collaborate in discussions through this software. The software enables you to make your team members work on different tasks and avoid delays or mistakes. The instant messaging software comes with a private chat option that allows the employees to chat in private. Moreover, the users can not only chat with each other but can share files of various projects. All these 5 best Instant Messaging Software are a great alternative to emails.

In addition to instant messaging and file sharing, it comes with audio and video calling options. The files sent by the employees can be stored in the software too. You don’t need to go through all that hassle of installing various software or hardware on your computer. Moreover, you can make groups of employees based on their department for convenient working. To make the task even easier for you, we’ve picked the 5 best instant messaging software for you.

  1. Fleep

If you are searching for a Messenger that is free of cost and makes the communication between you and your team easier, we have you covered. Fleep is an efficient Instant Messaging Software that comes with a lot of essential features. Whether it be project management and communication related to it, team chat, or a private conversation, Fleep covers it all. You can access Fleep on numerous platforms, including Windows and Mac OS, etc.

The interface of this messaging software is quite user-friendly, which makes it a good choice for everyone. The process is simple, you need to install it, and after the completion of the installation, you need to log in through your verified email address, add team members, and you’re sorted.

The video and audio calling features offered by Fleep are HD, which makes the whole process of communication quite easy. It has other features, including send unlimited messages, add people, custom settings, etc.

  1. WhatsApp

There would rarely be any person who has not used WhatsApp or at least not heard of it. It is another incredible instant messaging software in the market. WhatsApp has billions of users all around the globe. This is a huge number, and all these users prefer WhatsApp for their private and professional communication.

The group chat feature of WhatsApp surpasses every other software in the market. It is indeed a secure and safe place for all your messages and information. The privacy options available with the group chat are incredible. Whether you want all the group members to participate in the chat or you only look for the admin to send messages in the group, everything is possible with WhatsApp in town.

In addition to all these amazing features, WhatsApp has a separate base for small enterprises and businesses. If you want to use WhatsApp for business purposes, you can go for the business WhatsApp. The best part about this instant messaging software is that it’s very easy to your hands on it. You can install it from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

  1. Moxtra

Moxtra is a cloud-based instant messaging software that allows its user to manage, present, and share events and projects with others. The easy-to-use interface of this software makes it a top pick for everyone. This instant messaging software can be used on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, etc. This software’s basic purpose is to serve the professional people looking to arrange some meetings online or share documents.

If we compare this software with other instant messaging software in the market, the safety and security that it offers make it one of its kind. It comes with incredible sharing options where you can share all kinds of content, from videos to images and music files, etc. Like other instant messaging software present in the market, it also provides you with a private chat option.

The voice recording option is available in this software making the whole process of sharing and communication much convenient for you. Other prominent features of this particular software are good quality view experience, integration with Facebook, public chat room, etc.

  1. Ryver

If you want an instant messaging software that makes your team communication much easier and convenient, then Ryver needs to be the pick for you. It combines the best conversation tools such a Slack with efficient task managers like Terllo. Moreover, you can invite as many team members as possible and guests you need on this software. But the best part is it’s free of cost and can be used on various platforms like Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

Whether you want messaging software to communicate with a single person or the team as a whole, Ryver will work for both purposes. It’s not only a great Chat Manager but comes up with task management and assignment tools too. What else can one ask from a messaging software? This one instant messaging software is actually a one-person army.

Ryver comes with several new features, including public and private group chats, invite guests, push notifications, integration with several platforms in the market, etc.

  1. BigMarker

Another instant messaging software is BigMarker. It is an efficient software that deals with online webinar hosting and video conferencing. Most professionals prefer this software to host any webinar online. It allows the user to reach out to a large audience and build his brand, among various others.

This software is really appropriate for promoting the brand as it allows you to easily engage a vast audience. One of the best methods to earn from this software after monetization is holding seminars, training sessions, and online classes. The best part about BigMarker is that it’s highly customizable.

BigMarker comes with a screen share option, too, like much other software of its kind. It is mostly known as the modern webinar hosting platform. Talking about the plans it offers, BigMarker doesn’t disappoint its users in this regard. All the plans it offers are extremely reasonable with amazing features. It comes with four plans Basic, Plus, Elite, and Summit. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Instant Messaging is Incredible!

Instant Messaging is the need of this time, and all these instant managing software play their part in making life easier ( both personal and professional). All these 5 best instant messaging software in the market are efficient in their functioning. You can go for the one that suits you the best.

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