7 Best Call Center Software

The call center software works in making communication for the company when it comes to marketing and customer support functions. Phones, emails, live chat, and many more channels are covered under this software. The call center software comes with numerous features that help businesses’ day-to-day working, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises. Auto-dialer, call analytics, and call center monitoring are some of the basic characteristics of this software. We have figured out the 7 best call center software that works in this field.

The call center software has a virtual call center specialty. This eliminates the need for installation of any hardware. It provides complete control of the call; whether it be the transfer of calls or holding them, it gives full control. This software provides you with the liberty of creating your own Interactive voice response. This software’s whisper coaching feature enables the transfer of calls directly to the manager without involving the client.

Which is the right software for you?

It is a critical point to select software. The selection of the right call center software should be based on your requirements regarding features and budget. Another determining factor is the nature of conversations with the clients. That will decide on the selection of an Inbound or Outbound call center software.

Now let us look at the 7 best call center software we have picked out for you and find out which one of these will work the best for you.

  1. ShoreTel

ShoreTel is an efficient call center software and works for businesses of all sizes. It is a great communication solution for collaborations, mobility applications, and all the essential business requirements. ShoreTel is commercial in its usage and is preferred by thousands of people all around the globe.

You can get a complete customization system on this call center software. In this way, you can manage all your business needs. ShoreTel doesn’t require the user to have any extra-ordinary IT skills. It works best for both mobile apps and desktop applications.

The mobility of this call center software enables its users to take part in multi-party video conferences. The users can use any device like tablets or smartphones for this purpose. ShoreTel’s interface as a call center software is pretty user-friendly, which makes it a preferred choice. Call reporting, agent manager, and communicator are significant features of this call center software. You can also avail of various price plans on ShoreTel, with each plan having its own significant services and features.

  1. NICE inContact

NICE inContact is one of the best call center software out there. It provides you with the world’s best cloud customer experience. The organizations can avail exceptional customer experience and that too at a reasonable price. The businesses can use this software and increase the quality of leads to the maximum and client interaction cost to a minimum.

This call center software enables the businesses to connect with customers and interact through numerous channels, including email, voicemail, chat, Inbound or Outbound voice, and many more. NICE inContact also comes with several call routing characteristics like IVR, ACD, and workforce optimization abilities such as e-learning, WFM to attract more audience.

Like many other call center software in the market, NICE inContact also integrates with some famous CRM applications. It can be used by all businesses, whether they are small or large in size. The best part about this software is its availability in up to a hundred different countries and around two thousand users.

  1. Amp Telecom

If you are looking for a call center software that not only provides you with the best features in terms of calling but is reasonable too when it comes to price, Amp Telecom is the best pick for you. This call center software’s basic features are interactive voice response, voicemail, conferencing, call routing, etc.

The best thing about Amp Telecom is its compatibility with various telephone providers out there, including some famous providers like Cisco, Polycom, and Grandstream, etc. Amp Telecom is the most secure call center software in the market right now, thanks to the transport layer security that it offers.

A real-time transport protocol is secure to encrypt the communication stream between the callers and the clients. You can also view calling status, recordings, and stored communications because of the admin and user portals Amp Telecom comes with. API access, automated response, call blocking, caller ID, etc., are some of the other significant features that make Amp Telecom one of the best in this field.

  1. Business Voice

Business voice is basically a business  VOIP system that enables its customers to make and take calls from their office phone numbers. The users can communicate with their team, excess files, share data, and much more through this call center software. Business voice is actually an alternative to Vonage Business but comes with some better features.

This call center software comes with several features such as unlimited calls, cloud-sync, IM, mobile applications, and other characteristics and apps like call recording, Internet fax, video conference, and much more. It enables integration with several CRM applications like Outlook, Salesforce, etc.

The call center software Business Voice works well with businesses of all sizes, including small setup or large enterprises. It covers numerous industries such as finance, legal services, healthcare, etc. In simple words, Business Voice is among the best VOIP software out there.

  1. MegaPath

It is a great call center software that works the best for medium to large-sized businesses. MegaPath comes with numerous features that make it powerful. These include the management of network services, security features, unified communications, and much more.

This platform started on a basic note with some fundamental features, and now it has grown up to one of the best call center software in the field. Internet Faxing, SIP trucking, and softphones are some key features of MegaPath. Talking about the compatibility, this software works well with both the Mac and Windows. MegaPath can be accessed anywhere, thanks to the deployment of this software on the web.

  1. Jive Voice

Like most of the famous call center software, Jive Voice is a cloud-based communication software. It is a great call center software for businesses of all sizes in the US. It comes with some integrated products for the Business VoIP, video conference, and contact center. All of these tools are cloud-based and can be accessed through web-browsers. Jive Voice is quite user-friendly and can be installed on Windows as well as Mac devices.

Jive Voice is a call center software that comes with several features, including call recording, call routing, automatic distribution of call, softphone, and several other features that make it one of its kind. This call center is not limited to small or large enterprises but can be used in educational institutions, hospitals, and other government institutes. It is one of the best call center software when it comes to local or long-distance connections.

The calling schedules can be completely customized using this software. You can connect with your colleagues or client via the cloud-based video conference of this software.

  1. Calabrio

Calabrio is a platform based on teams’ efficient working and keeps the companies’ internal mobility secure. It makes the connection between teams and teammates convenient and easier. This call center software’s customer engagement suite allows the employees to record their calls with the customers.

The users can gain insights on interactions, too, by evaluating them on this platform. This helps in improvement. It allows the companies to provide their users with all the basic needs in their reach.

The Calabrio One feature helps in improving the performance at a reasonable rate by providing the intelligence tool. The AI-driven capabilities of this software keep the company’s performance on track by increasing everyday workflow.

Call Centre Software is Commendable!

Customer support plays a significant role in determining a company’s reputation and success, and these 7 best call center software will help in doing that. The performance of these call center software is commendable, and the incredible features is a plus. You can choose any of these 7 best call center software that suits your enterprise the best or can develop some software of your choice.



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