7 Best Email Management Software

The email has become a major part of our life. It will be no exaggeration to say that it’s the most significant part of our official life. People use email to convey instructions and requirements to their team members, send and receive files, and provide information. A recent research stated that, on average, a person spends 28 percent of this time on email every week, which makes it more than 11 hours. In simple words, the major portion of your job and official life depends on the email. All these are the factors that lead us to look for the best email management tools. So, we are here with the 7 best email management software for you.

Reasons to Use Email Management Software Tools

The email management software tools are actually the programs or apps that enable users to manage their emails efficiently and better. These tools usually are of two kinds depending upon the work they do. There is one kind of email management software that aid in improving your email in the context of regular work. The other kind of these email management software attempts to improve email marketing.

We have listed some of the main reasons that make us use email management software tools, one way or the other.

  • Productivity

This software helps you improve your productivity by cutting the context of your email to half and that too without changing its meaning. This will save your time and increase your work efficiency.

  • Analyzing Results and Behavior

The right email management software helps you in determining whether your emails are serving the purpose or not. These tools let you analyze your emails’ meaning and help you improve on this ground.

  • Filtering the Messages

It is difficult to determine which email is important and not when you have a bombardment of them in your mailbox. At times this can lead to some problems too. The email management software helps you filter the significant messages and organize your emails in the right way.

All these significant factors make it necessary to get your hands on the best email management tools out there. To reduce your burden, we have come up with a list of the 7 best email management software to choose from. Let us look at them and find out which email management software tools can work the best for you.

  1. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a web-based email management software that is given by AOL. It is regarded as one of the best and most developed email management software that exists. 1993 was the year when this software was dispatched, and since then, it’s been offering its incredible services to the customers. This email service is available in about 54 languages.

AOL Mail features include a quick bar for sending messages and AOL IM messages from one region. It comes with a separate framework that stacks up against all the information like dates, addresses, photographs, etc., from the messages. Another good thing about AOL Mail is the unlimited email stockpiling limit. It comes with spell check software, an AIM board, underpins for SSL, and numerous other useful features.

  1. Yahoo Mail

This is a name that does not need any introduction. Yahoo Mail is one of the finest email services out there. It was given by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Mail was dispatched in 1997 and became the third biggest email management software in 2014. It has more than 271 million clients belonging to different fields all around the globe.

Yahoo Mail comes to serve two different purposes. One is for people that are the normal public, and the other is for businesses. The service that is accessible for the people is completely free of cost. The email stockpiling ability that it offers is limited for the general public but is boundless for businesses. The Yahoo Mail comes with a Dropbox and is accessible for iPad, tablets, and iOS and Android users.

  1. Gmail

Gmail is owned by Google and is, in fact, a group of Google. The majority of people love to use Gmail for regular purposes. It comes with an email stockpiling ability of up to 15 MB. Gmail gives SPAM insurance to its customers too. It is often regarded as a significant component of the “Google Apps.” 2004 was when Google propelled Gmail.

Gmail has more than 450 active users all around the globe at this point. The other famous Google services, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, etc., are also incorporated with Gmail. Gmail comes with a storage room of up to 30 TB.

  1. Microsoft’s Outlook

Outlook is the email management software that is preferred by most enterprises. It has been present in the market for several decades now, and people love using it. The robust integration of Microsoft Outlook with other Microsoft services makes it a bit more advanced than other email management software tools and further takes it.

Outlook makes the coordination of meeting much convenient because of its integration with Outlook Calendar. You can not only plan the meetings but keep track of them too. Outlook Contacts is another advancement of this integration. The best part of Outlook is that it is available in iOS and Android and is made for Windows.

  1. Fast Mail

If you search for an email management software that promises your mails’ security and provides you a much more trustworthy and dependable environment, Fast Mail needs to be your pick. It has its name among the most established email management software tools out there.

Fast Mail comes in more than 36 languages and gives 113 spaces to the clients to browse. It is the quickest email service provider in the market, and the features like Junk Mail insurance, draft, coordination, and fast email framework makes it one of its kind.

  1. Inbox

Inbox is an efficient email management software tool that comes with a user-friendly interface. It gives the customers a huge storage space of 5GB that enables them to keep all their messages safe and secure. The client can send an attachment of up to 20 MB using inbox as an email management software.

The toolbar that comes with Inbox is called Inbox Toolbar. This toolbar notifies the customers of the approaching mails and messages, which helps manage the work more efficiently. New messages can also be formed by tapping on the toolbar in the inbox.

  1. is another web-based email management software. It gives articles, news, and applications, and everything with no storage restriction. comes in two variants: free and premium. Both the variants come with features of their own.

The best part of is the customization that it offers to its clients. They can create their email ID according to their interests, and this will include the features like calling, a way of life, etc. The user can express himself in a better way using this email management software.

Final Verdict

You don’t need to be email management or something like a Guru to keep your mailbox clean. All you need is good email management software, and you are sorted. You can choose one that suits you the best from these 7 best email management software.

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