7 Essential Skills That Business Leaders Should Get Formal Training In

Formal training is an excellent way to acquire the skills you need to become an effective business leader. You can enhance almost every skill you need with proper training from an expert provider. Training also allows excellent opportunities for networking and learning from your peers.

Training can benefit business leaders at any level – whether brand new to the role or already highly experienced. The business world rarely stays still for long, and anyone who doesn’t actively engage in improving their skills can quickly be left behind.


The qualities of a good leader are many. They combine creative skills like vision and the ability to motivate and inspire others with practical skills needed for the day-to-day running of a business. A good leadership training course will give you an overview of the responsibilities you will have, and give you strategies and advice on dealing with different issues.

Every leadership style is different and what works for some business leaders may not work for others. It may help to take several leadership courses that offer different perspectives to help you find the best style for you.


Good communication skills require constant practice. Taking a course in effective communication can set you up to succeed when communicating with your team. Again, there are many styles that you can choose from when it comes to communication, so it is vital to take a varied approach.

Listening is one of the most critical elements of good communication. Active listening is a typical quality found in good leaders and is the process of listening and understanding what is being said to you. You could take a course that will provide you with techniques for improving your active listening skills, such as asking questions to the person you are talking to in order to fully understand what they are telling you.


Understanding business finances is crucial. While you may have an accountant to run the finer details of your business’s finance, it is still essential for you to understand and digest the information your accountant gives you.

It could help to take a course in business finance or even an accounting taster course to help you hone your financial skills. Consider taking a refresher every few years to help you stay abreast of the latest best practices.


Marketing is a complex but crucial tool for any business. It is how businesses get themselves seen by potential clients, and can have a massive impact on your business’s success. As a business leader, it is essential for you to understand how you can best utilize marketing, and the best way to do this is by engaging with a training course.

So, what does a digital marketing course offer? While you may not have the time yourself to deep-dive into your business’s digital marketing strategy, a digital marketing course can provide you with a high-level understanding of what is needed which in turn, can help you hire the right people to get the job done.


Being a mentor to junior staff is essential for both employee morale and the future of your business. As a business leader, you should always be looking for the most promising employees to take under your wing. In addition, showing mentorship to employees that are struggling can help to motivate and improve their skills.

Mentorship can be a tricky role to get right. It is crucial to find the right balance of additional responsibility, feedback and independence. Taking a course in how to be the best mentor to your staff can help ensure that you empower your team and create the next generation of business leaders.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of business life, but it is essential to know how to handle it properly. It is important to remember the difference between conflict and confrontation. A conflict is a disagreement that should be discussed respectfully and with a resolution that satisfies all parties. If this is not done, it can lead to a confrontation which can end up adversarial.

Understanding how to deal with conflict between yourself and others and between members of your team is vital. Engaging with formal training can ensure that you have the tools and techniques to prevent workplace hostility and promote harmonious conflict resolution.


Staying at the forefront of technological advances is vital for a business to remain competitive. This task can seem daunting, but with regular training and research, you can stay in the know with different business developments.

It would help if you looked for courses that specialize in the relevant technology for your industry. If you are unsure, then you could look at courses that give you an overall view of the different ways tech can be used in business and go from there.


There are many courses available to help business leaders motivate, inspire and innovate. The training you choose may come down mainly to the type of business and number of employees you have, but it is important to update your skills regularly.

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